Odoo Website Builder Features and Pros cons

Odoo Website Builder Overview : Odoo allows users to configure and manage a website quickly and efficiently, and it’s all thanks to our simple tools and easy-to-navigate design. In the latest version, there is a cleaner interface, with new options available for blog titles and text blocks. Don’t waste any more time; it’s time to […]

How to use Gift Cards in Odoo V15 Website Module

Every company’s backbone is its sales department, a company that deals with sales will have a lot of issues. To improve the sales of the company, the salesperson plays an important role. A salesperson’s major goal is not only to attract new customers but also to maintain a solid relationship with existing customers. To address […]

How to use Upsell & Cross-sell in Odoo 13 eCommerce

How to use Upsell & Cross-sell in Odoo 13 eCommerce Odoo ERP enables the provision for both up-selling and cross-selling. Businesses can use both the cross-sell and upsell techniques to grow their profits. Upselling and cross-selling are sales procedures wherever the customers are given an opportunity to get similar products or services during making a purchase. Cross-selling […]

Odoo 13 Payment Acquirers  

Odoo 13 Payment Acquirers   The payment gateway is a key component of the electronic payment processing system.  Odoo supports more and more payment methods. The acquirer, also known as a credit card bank, acquiring bank or merchant bank, is a bank or financial institution, that creates and maintains the merchant’s bank account. Acquisitions are usually caused […]

How To Create Sales & E-Commerce Pricelist Promotions in Odoo

How To Create Sales & E-Commerce Pricelist Promotions in Odoo Price lists tell your sales agents what to charge for your products or services. You can create multiple price lists so that you can maintain separate price structures for different regions you sell your products in or for different sales channels. Coupon codes / Promotional codes are […]

How To Use Product Comparison Tool In Odoo E-commerce

How To Use Product Comparison Tool In Odoo E-commerce Odoo E-commerce has become an essential part of modern business as it paves to more income generation and relationship building.  In Odoo eCommerce product comparison tool is an extensive factor. When customers shopping from various eCommerce websites and view the many products will usually open several […]