Every company’s backbone is its sales department, a company that deals with sales will have a lot of issues. To improve the sales of the company, the salesperson plays an important role. A salesperson’s major goal is not only to attract new customers but also to maintain a solid relationship with existing customers.

To address these issues, Odoo implemented certain additional features. Pricelists, Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, Promotion Programs, and Coupon Programs are some of the marketing strategies we utilize to attract clients. One of them is a Gift Card.

We can use this Gift Card on the Website as well as the Point of Sale sections.

In this blog we will talk about how to use the gift card in Website.

How to use gift cards in Website : Odoo Website Gift Cards module allows selling gift cards on eCommerce. It also allows you to sell multiple variants of the gift cards (based on price). Secret codes are created on sale of Gift Cards and those secret codes are provided to the customers via email or physically.  

Features : Let me mention some features of these.

  • Allows creation and sale of Gift Card products.
  • Allows creation and sale of Gift Card variants(based on price).
  • Secret Codes are generated for each purchase of the Gift Card.
  • Separate codes are created for multiple quantity purchase of a Gift Card.
  • Both Physical and Soft Copy Gift Cards can be created.
  • Secret codes can be shared via email or physically.
  • Secret Codes can be printed for physical delivery.
  • Users can specify custom details on purchase of a Gift Card.
  • Proper validated email for soft copy secret code sharing .
  • An easy to use and easy to handle interface.
  • It has many more features described below.

To use these features first you have to set the configurations.

Website Module > Configuration > Setting > Enable Gift card > Save the changes.

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Now we have the new option to generate a new gift card after enabling this feature.  For this go to the configuration tab and then you can select the gift card option from the drop down menu. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Now click on this gift card and you can see the list of gift cards which have already been created and you can create a new one also with the help of the Create button.

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When you click on the Create button, a new window will appear and you have to fill in the details. The screen will display the date of creation in the Created on field. The expiration date of the Gift Card can be mentioned in the Expired Date column. The Code of the particular Gift Card can also be seen in the window. In the Buy Line and Buy PoS Order Line, you can specify the sales order line and PoS Order Line where this gift card has been bought respectively. Add the Initial Amount, Balance, Partner, Redeems, and PoS Redeems in the given fields.

It is feasible to set up a Partner. If we specify a partner in that field, the gift card will be available only to that partner. If that field is left empty, any users can use the gift card.

yyyWXfk kpPa8LIKRpx8LA dTd8Bavfxoyuobw G8xpLpPWfxmayNEa2gWDGmEwmBs9Ejr bmqBE6HYk396 YYLS7rYK2otUwcQSjKvNwON OFp0OThUBP5uHf3jvsS5cjXd9H1bWhen you fill all the fields save this form, which means itโ€™s in the valid stage. Copy the code of the created Gift Card because we need to use this code while selling the product to get a discount on the total amount.

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Now our gift is made. Now we can use this website. So, let’s go to the eCommerce Dashboard and open the website. 

Dashboard > e-Commerce Dashboard > Go to Website.

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Now select the shop option where you can see a list of products there, choose a product from the list and add it to your shopping cart. The cart on the top bar has been updated with one amount after adding the product to it.

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When we open the cart, we can see the product that we have added. If we need to sell additional items, click the Continue Shopping button. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for the current product.


At this moment I will click on the process checkout button to pay the amount. You can see the total amount is $1500.

When you click on the Process Checkout button, you will come to the other page, for reference you can see the screenshot below. 

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The Payment Acquirers can be found there. For online payments, payment acquirers are used. On the right hand side you can see the option of Pay with a gift card.

Now click on the Pay with card option. When you click on this option it will ask you for the code. You have to enter the code here and after that click on the pay option. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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The gift card is then added as an additional product, and the value of the gift card is deducted from the total cost. Before I copied the code price was $1500 and added the gift card code, price was only $500 to pay.

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Now click on the Pay Now option to pay the rest amount. Then we’ll be able to see the delivery confirmation, with payment information.

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As I said earlier the redeem details are obtained from the gift cart. Return to the back end and pick a gift card from the configuration tab to display. Open the gift card if the gift card is still valid. This is where the sales order number is updated.

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When you click on the order reference you can see all the details about this.

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I hope this information is helpful for you and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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