How To Build The Odoo Website In Odoo 13

Odoo also provides powerful modules like Odoo Websites. It is used to creating your own websites and web services. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization to serve a variety of purposes. In Odoo you can easily build a website and easily customize as per your need and standard. Odoo ERP is the best option if you want to build the perfect website builder. In the  Odoo Website module, you can easily develop any type of website e-commerce website, company website, school website, a customer relationship management portal, etc. In this Blog, you are going to discuss the “How To Build the Odoo Website in Odoo 13”.


First of all, you can install the Odoo Website module in your database.


In Odoo you can give your website domain name you want. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. Now you can purchase your domain name from a popular registrar such as GoDaddy,  OVH, etc. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses

Now Lets’ see how to apply your domain name
Go to your website homepage and open your account.
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Now whenever you want to manage the database page, select on the manage database button.


To translate your website language:

In Odoo 13 now you can view your website in different languages. With Odoo 13 you can translate the website in various languages as per your needs and standards.

Firstly you can select the website and click on the Add a language button.

After clicking on the Add a language button and fill the particular language to which you need to translate the website and click on the load button.


To add website theme:

After installing the Odoo Website module in your database then you can select a theme for your website.

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Whenever you want to customize your Odoo Website at that time, you can click on the edit button. In Odoo you can easily drag and drop buildings blocks of the websites.

To create a new page:

If you want to add more pages, now click on the New button and select the add page then enter the name of the page.

Go to Website -> New -> New Page and fill all the required fields then click on the Save button.


Now you can enter the name of the page title, click on the Add to menu button and select the continue button.

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If you want to change the menu of the website, now go to the edit menu from the Page section.

Go to Website -> Pages -> and click on the Edit Menu.

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Now you can add a new menu in the page section. At that time, you can click on the ‘Add menu entry’ option. Enter the following required fields like menu label, URL or Email and click the Save button. 

6 new

To manage page:

Whenever you want to manage Pages, then select the manage page button under the page section after you can manage page easily.

Go to Website -> Pages -> and click on the  Manage page button.



In the manage page section, you can edit all details of the page properties. Under Page Properties section you can edit two fields like Name, Publish after clicking on the Save button.


To Optimize SEO

Now you can go to Promote Section and select the Optimize SEO button. Search Engine Optimization is used to improve the website traffic, page rank and more visibility of the page. 


If you want to optimize the SEO of the page, enter the details of the following fields like title name, description, keywords and select an image for upload on social media websites after click on the Save button.


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