How To Use Product Comparison Tool In Odoo E-commerce

Odoo E-commerce has become an essential part of modern business as it paves to more income generation and relationship building.  In Odoo eCommerce product comparison tool is an extensive factor. When customers shopping from various eCommerce websites and view the many products will usually open several tabs and clicking back and away to look at various product. Now you can save your time with the help of a product comparison tool in Odoo eCommerce.

In this Blog, you are going to explain “How To Use Product Comparison Tool In Odoo E-commerce”. Whenever you want to see the products side-by-side, and you can compare them over various attributes, and choose the best for as per your need and standard. At the same time, you enable this feature customers to compare many products and come to a conclusion as to which one is the best to go for. Odoo eCommerce price comparison tool uses web data extraction to scan web pages and product prices.


Firstly, you can install the Website module in your database.

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At that time, Go to Website -> Configuration and tick the Product Comparison tool and click on the Save button.

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Now Lets’ see how to compare the product in Odoo eCommerce

Go to Website -> Dashboard -> and click on the Go to Website button -> Shop.

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Now at the same time, you can add their product to the compare tool that helps in selecting the good products among the board.

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Now you can view various products in the shop menu and each product has its own compare button.  At the same time, you click on the compare button, then you can easily add products on the compare box.  You can see the product that you can add in the compare tool and whenever few products are not important. then you can remove it through clicking on the delete button of the product. Suppose you can compare the maximum of 2 products.

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At the same time, you can click the compare button then you can display the more corresponding details of individual product. Now you obtain corresponding product features and other attributes facts like color, memory, size, material, etc. In the Odoo eCommerce product comparison tool, you can compare the maximum of four similar products and select the best one.

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