Odoo ERP implementation, the Odoo 16 version is now available from October 2022. Other versions before these are available as well. Now all the things that you learn here will be more helpful and more knowledgeable for you. Now read the basics about Odoo 16. You will find it more interesting and profitable for your career growth. And when it comes to the beneficial side of the business, then you have to be very attentive before making any decision. To make it more satisfying for the customers, Odoo observed all the previous versions and, in the new version, tried to add more extraordinary features for a wonderful experience. And here, we will discuss some of those. 

Helpful Features for Business Organization

First of all, Odoo software is open source, so anyone and everyone can be able to use it without any hassle. And when it comes to business, you need to do so many things to manage, and this Odoo software can be very beneficial in this case. To provide you with a brief idea about the way Odoo software can help the business organization, here we created some vital points. 

When it comes to managing various business operations, the Odoo software is one of the best ways to help you very effectively. Odoo software can cover various areas of any business operation.

 Such as, 

 Odoo CMS will help to build business websites. 

  • Help to manage customer relationships. 
  • Help you manage inventory and warehouse management. 
  • You can be able to manage projects. 
  • E-commerce system management. 
  • Invoicing. 
  • Account management. 
  • Planning and Development. 
  • Employee recruitment and training. 
  • Customer Support and others. 

 Any retailer, distribution agency, healthcare, hospital industry, manufacturer, and others can use this Odoo software. 


What is New in Odoo 16?

 From the beginning, Odoo, the open source software, helps every business to manage all the data very easily, and Odoo always tries to provide the best and most promising services to the client. Day by day, Odoo is developing, and some drastic changes make it more desirable. Overall performance of Odoo software satisfied every single one. And here, we will help you to find out some new expected features of Odoo 16.


Odoo is always known for its brilliant performance, and the version of Odoo 16 will ensure all the users provide the maximum promising performance. The first and the most basic aim of Odoo 16 is to improve the quality of the performance and come up with fresh and updated features. And when it comes to performance, then Odoo 16 will be the fastest, most user-friendly, and very highly technical support software. 

 New Module and Some Big Changes: 

The easy-to-use module is one of the plus points of Odoo 16. The module is the most vital factor that helps the Odoo software be the most user-friendly for users. In the new version of Odoo 16, a new module enhances the workflow and efficiency of the software, which takes a new shape for the users. 

 Knowledge Module:

 This is one of the latest additions to Odoo 16 that will work like a knowledge center to share all the related knowledge among the employees and the administrator. And the best part is you can be able to create and share articles in this knowledge module to maintain all the proper communication related to the work inside the organization. 

 Website Builder Module: 

 If you have any website for your business, then Odoo 16 comes with some interesting website builder modules that will help you to have more control, and you will also be able to customize your website more prominently. All the new options will surely satisfy every user because these new features give some great customization options. You will also have more filtering and grouping elements to make it easier. 

 Accounting Standards: 

 With the support of the new features, the accounting module will work much faster and more efficiently than before. And now, you will also be able to manage the customer credit limit more effectively. When managing accounts, then, you have to be very careful. With this new Odoo 16 version, you can digitize invoices, which will help you with easy management and accessibility. 

Marketing module:

Marketing is one of the most important parts of managing a business. And if you have an improved email marketing module, you can create a new mailing from any previously saved one. The new version of Odoo 16 will provide that excellent features. With Odoo, you can experience new mailing features that will provide more accessibility to your business account management. 

Sign module:

In the new version of Odoo 16, you will get refreshing features called ecological signature and thus will help to change any person stole by using the sign module. And the best thing is now you can customize the nature of the institution and also individual employee grade management as well. 


Odoo 16 has the MRP module, which helps customers easily see every single process and status of their orders. This feature will allow the customer to fully understand the manufacturing process, which will improve any business’s production. 


At Planet Odoo, we provide the best and essential software to help you manage everything related to your organization and all its departments. Overall performance of our services will surely satisfy you very positively. We provide our clients with the most interesting customized services and aim to be with our clients at every step. Having Almost 25 years of experience and are a team of management software enthusiasts. Free to join us, and you can visit our official website to learn more about our company. 

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