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Turnkey Healthcare Solutions with Teckzilla

Every healthcare organization must have their specific custom software. It helps in creating a strong and well-built healthcare network. Our Odoo solutions in the healthcare system allow us to help our clients overcome the most alarming challenges. These include limited communication and coordination, developing a connection within disparate legacy health systems, overcoming health illiteracy, and taking care of funds for non-profit health care units.

Our Odoo-based health care system solutions facilitate a simplified flow of administration, identification of records, enhanced caregiving with timely updates, and assessment and establishment of KPIs for better working.

A Combination of All the Medical Records


At Teckzilla, we combine the capabilities of strong Electronic Health Records, EMRs, HIEs and more to facilitate better coordination.

Analytics in Healthcare


To provide a better caregiving experience, our Odoo healthcare solutions use analytics.

Real-Time Information System


You need to monitor real-time information and we help you with that through Odoo.

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