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Make Your Guests Happy With Technological Ease

In the present world, the hospitality industry is one of the most buzzing sectors of any economy. With increasing importance, the industry is also undergoing a major spike in management requirements. With the increasing importance of restaurant POS software and other inventory management tools, Odoo has found the right place to be. Odoo’s intuitive platform and responsive platform will allow you to get best in class solutions. Though there are several benefits of using Odoo in the hospitality business, the best one remains real-time updates, saving costs on hotel activities and better integration of OTAs.

Front Desk Management


At Teckzilla, we allow you to attain effective front desk management starting from easy bookings to the management of information.

Kitchen Management


Odoo's exclusive inventory management tools in addition to some other applications will allow you to get the best kitchen management.

Staff Management


Odoo simply handles it all and when we say that, we mean everything that technology is allowed to intervene in. Our Odoo solutions can easily take care of your staff's management with other hospitality operations.

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