Attain Better Customer Relations with Teckzilla

Use different sales channels to reach out to your clients with Odoo. No matter if itโ€™s a PoS, a CRM, or a B2B network, Odoo facilitates perfection in all your retail business activities. The most remarkable aspect of using Odoo in retail is that you will have the ability to integrate it with manufacturing, inventory and purchase among other Odoo applications. At Teckzilla, we allow you to get perfect retail management for your retail as well as wholesale business. Our expert team combines the best of Odooโ€™s solutions and delivers you a smart software tool.

All-Inclusive Retail Solutions

We enable smart product information management, billing, supply chain management and many more with Odoo tools.

Know What Your Customers Want

At Teckzilla, we allow you to keep a check on your customers to build loyalty and better relationships.

Real-Time Updates

The retail industry requires real-time updates, especially with inventory, hence, our team ensures your Odoo inventory management software caters to all your needs.

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