Odoo is growing day by day. Odoo was introduced in 2005 with the name of Tiny ERP with Version 1 and now we are on version 16. That’s really cool. Every time Odoo comes with the superb addon features. With this we all are shifted to the next level and performance of the Odoo ERP is smoothing increasing every time.

In this blog I will let you know the upcoming features in Odoo V16.

  1. Performance : Whenever we talk about the version upgrade, the very first thing which comes to our mind is “Performance”. Because performance is the major and biggest factor for anything, rather it is about a new phone, about a new website, about new ERP system, about Odoo etc. Because if performance is good then we love to work. In Odoo V16 performance is very effective and you will love to use Odoo V16 in terms of performance. Odoo V16 is the fastest and most user friendly version in the previous versions. You will see lots of performance improvements while using Odoo V16.
  1. New Features in website Module : In the new Odoo V16 you will have a new merged back- and frontend interface to simplify your user experience. In the previous versions the front end and back end of the module were separated. You can see a lot of more tools available for customization of the website builder module. With these features your website looks more attractive. Configuration of the website builder module is also enhanced.
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  1. Coupons and Promotions program : Coupons and promotions in all apps is likely to be an added advantage in this module, Subscription app merged with sales. Now you can easily configure and administer coupons, promotions, gift cards, etc. on one single platform. This will be easily accessible through conventional sales orders, e-commerce and PoS.
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  1. Better User Experience : Every time a new version comes with a better user interface. So this time Odoo V16 also comes with a new and better user experience with every module. You can see a lot of user-friendly functions and services have been integrated into each module.
  1. Knowledge Module : This is the recent and new module added in Odoo V16. This is the same as wikipedia. With the help of this module employees and administrators will be able to easily create documentation and to share their knowledge with each other. This module is integrated with all Odoo modules. Through this module communication between the employees and organization will enhance and in result productivity will be increased.
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  1. Accounting : You will get a better accounting module in this version with various new features like improved intrastat reports, additional supported E-Invoicing mechanism and the VAT ID validation in e-Commerce. 

You can see journal edit reports with easy experience through this you can enhance readability and information related to the value added Tax regime.

Next to a new bank reconciliation widget for better management of multi-currencies and simplified accounting reports.

Credit limit warning in sales and invoice. You can see an OCR-separate setting for customer invoice.

  1. Inventory : Through Odoo V16 you will get refined inventory management. You will get a forced backorder. You can find an enhanced postcode filter on the shipping method that will allow prefixes instead of a form-to.

Automated batches will be automatically created based on the settings on the operation type. In this version you will be able to print data. Matrix codes for each product in the package content. You can scan packages, pick and count, force scan. 

  1. Marketing Module : Through this version you can create new templates from the previously designed templates. You can change global attributes of the mailing list all at once. Now you can quickly access your contacts and mailing addresses by importing them.
  1. Sign Module : Through this new feature you will be able to refuse to sign a document. You will be able to see statistics and reports on all employee skills. You can also see that there will be an option to add signature requests wizards to plan. You can now choose the order and sequence in which the approvers process the Approval requests using the Approval module.
  1.  MRP : In Odoo V16 you are now able to split and merge manufacturing orders.  Customers can learn everything they need to know about the product’s manufacturing process. You are now able to let your subcontractor register the production for you.
  1. New chatbot features : With this feature you will have the option to create multi choice questions and decision trees.
  1. Improvised appointment : With this version you can get an improved backend which will guide to better onboarding and visibility. You will also get a new frontend design.

More advanced features and settings are being developed and will be available to users soon.

 I hope this information will be helpful for you. If you like to read more blogs written by us reach out us at Planet-Odoo

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