Putaway and Removal Strategy in Odoo V15

Removal strategies are used in warehouse operations to select the best products based on specific criteria. There are three types of  removal strategies available in Odoo First in first out (FIFO), Last in first out (LIFO) and First Expiry first out (FEFO)Closest LocationThe removal from the closest location is a new feature introduced in Odoo […]

How to manage tasks in Odoo V15 Field Service Module

Customer service is the key factor in any business maintaining customer-company relationships. Planning and managing product maintenance, installation, etc. can be time-consuming. Odoo introduced Field Service Module for field workers in the industry to keep track of various components like Inventory Management, Scheduling, Vehicle tracking, Customer portals and much more of Field Operations. Odoo Field […]

Overview of Odoo V15 Maintenance Module

The manufacturing industry is a major industry that involves the operation of a large number of machines. Maintenance of all the machines plays a critical role in the industry.  The maintenance module is an important instrument for bettering your company’s product and machinery management. The maintenance module can assist you in improving the health and […]

Brief about Odoo V15 Helpdesk Module

What is Odoo : Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is a platform that companies can use to easily manage the basics of the company such as materials and warehouse management, human resources, finance, accounting, sales and many other enterprise features. In order to sustain a beneficial relationship with customers, a company must […]

How to handle Recruitment Module in Odoo V15

Human Resource management module and recruitment process in version 15 is another important app of Odoo ERP software.  Recruitment module is an important function of any organization as it manages selecting the proper candidate that offers you with proper talent recruited for the position.  In Odoo Recruitment process is a process of identifying the job […]

ERP Implementation life cycle

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : You can think of an enterprise resource planning system as the glue that binds together the different computer systems for a large organization. Without an ERP application, each department would have its system optimized for its specific tasks. With ERP software, each department still has its system, but all of […]

Employee Contract Management in Odoo V15

What is an Employee Contract : Every organization consists of employees which require a proper agreement between the company (Employer) and the employee. An employment contract is a signed agreement between an employee and an employer. Employee contracts contain details like hours of work, the rate of pay, the employee’s responsibilities, etc. In the OdooV15  […]

Brief about Odoo V15 Expense Management Module

Success in expense management decides the financial success of a firm. For a small business, large scale business and other operations, the expenses for the business will be managed in different ways. Sometimes, the employees will have to purchase  components or equipment for the company without getting the advance payment.  Having a specific strategy for […]

How to use Budget Management in Odoo V15 Accounting Module

Budget management plays an inevitable role in a successful business. It is the analysis, organization and oversight of costs and expenditures for a business or organization. Managing the budget is an essential part of running a business. Budgets make people intentional about the way money is spent as well as organize and prioritize work to […]