Odoo Website Builder Overview : Odoo allows users to configure and manage a website quickly and efficiently, and it’s all thanks to our simple tools and easy-to-navigate design. In the latest version, there is a cleaner interface, with new options available for blog titles and text blocks. Don’t waste any more time; it’s time to create a website to promote your business. By working with Odoo, you can give your landing page a good design and manage your business with ease.

Odoo Website builder is an easy and customizable application through which customers can create their own website and can edit anything online. There is no technical knowledge required for creating a website. Odoo is a complete solution for all of your website concerns. This open-source ERP solution aids in the development of attractive websites in the shortest amount of time. 

As a comprehensive web design solution, Odoo offers everything from corporate blogs to mobile site versions, including content management and social media integration. Novice users can opt for a simple CMS approach to build a website in less than a day. It is of note that Odoo is also used by developers who create enterprise sites for clients.

Features of Odoo V15 Website Builder Module

1. It is super easy to use with all the drag and drop templates that you can use. Create your page from scratch by dragging and dropping pre-made, fully customizable building blocks.

2. It has recommendations on the design and some suggestions of how you can add your content. Create and update your text content through an editor designed to replicate the word processor experience.

3. No need to edit in CSS to improve the user interface. Easily design your own Odoo templates thanks to clean HTML structure and bootstrap CSS.

4. Automatically adjusts to mobile view. See what your page will look like on a mobile device with the mobile preview button.

5. Has free access to some premium content and photos from Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, etc.

6. All the other Odoo apps are integrated (eCommerce, CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Membership, Surveys, Events, Jobs, Slides, Helpdesk, etc.) and interacting through the website already.

7. Easy to customize other great user interfaces by editing in the backend using HTML.

8. Also, reports are easily accessible through Google Analytics.

9. You can get your website translated into multiple languages with no effort. Odoo propagates translations automatically across pages, following what you edit on the master page.You can update any part of your website and the translated versions are pushed within a few hours.

10. Has built-in SEO optimization. The Odoo Website Builder is furnished with multiple SEO tools and techniques that can be applied to build the website and web pages that will be easily reached to the customers.

11. With Odoo Website builder, you can design your custom theme or you can also use predefined Odoo templates to customize the look of the website. You can just in one click change the theme of the entire website.

12. Publish several websites with their own URL, layout and content (pages, products, blogs, events, jobs, etc.). This opens up wide possibilities of diversification and customer segmentation for your business.

13. Provide your visitors with information in real time directly on your website through a pop-up chat window.

14. The visitor tracking tools are also available in the Odoo Website module, and they will be very useful for lead generation. 

15. The main highlight of the Odoo Website builder is its flexibility and mouldability. With the great support of the Odoo Website module, you can mix and match the designing tools and functionalities of the module based upon the requirements.

16. The Odoo Website module is very supportive for boosting your sales with two advanced features such as Cross-selling upselling strategies. These selling strategies will be very effective for increasing your sales. You can automatically suggest product accessories or recommended products or alternatives display more associated items that have a chance to prompt them to buy things. 

Odoo Website Builder Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • The Odoo open source community is active, vibrant and growing. For end users, this means being able to access themes, templates and apps.
  • Odoo is very dynamic. Users can install live chat, forums, social media modules, and SEO tools with just one click.
  • The community version of Odoo provides many enterprise features that no other free website builder offers.
  • The commercial version of Odoo offers just about everything that a business enterprise of any size requires to maintain a web presence.
  • The CMS backend is powerful enough to compete against the most popular packages in use these days.

Cons :

  • Odoo is not a specialized eCommerce platform.
  • The community version does not offer too much flexibility in terms of design options.
  • Having to pay for multiple apps and integrations on a monthly basis can be expensive for small businesses.

This is the features of the website builder module in Odoo V15. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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