What is Digital Signature : A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document. It’s the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature or stamped seal, but it offers far more inherent security. A digital signature is intended to solve the problem of tampering and impersonation in digital communications.

Digital signatures can provide evidence of origin, identity and status of electronic documents, transactions or digital messages. Signers can also use them to acknowledge informed consent.

Digital Signature in Odoo : A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key that certifies the identity of the holder, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). It typically contains your identity like name, email, country, APNIC account name, and your public key. Odoo Sign allows you to send, sign and approve documents online. In order to solve the problem of manually approving the documents, Odoo introduced the Sign module which will help you to save time and digitally approve the documents. 

The Odoo Signature Module permits the user to finish document language within the shortest time. With Odoo Sign go paperless and be eco-friendly. It is not necessary for you to have a hard copy of the document, sign it, and then deliver it to the person in charge. With a few clicks, you may sign your paper. The Odoo digital signature can be very important for documents such as sale orders, purchase orders, invoices, payslips, procurement receipts, etc.

Benefits of Odoo Sign Module : 

  • Paperless
  • Security
  • Minimum Errors
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Time Saving

Features of Odoo Sign Module : 

  • Document Supported : Any PDF document is fully customizable with our drag & drop feature. For a simple signature, all kinds of documents are supported.
  • Multiple Signatures : Make a document to be signed public and allow everyone to sign his own copy without any further action on your part.
  • Notifications and Alerts : Receive status notifications and get alerts as soon as your documents are signed.
  • Automatically send final documents to all parties : When your document is successfully completed, every recipient receives a copy straight to his inbox.
  • Compatible with any device : Collect electronic signatures on the go with your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.
  • In person signing : Let your client draw his signature directly onto your screen.
  • Create your own signature : Choose between different options: handwritten fonts, drawing with your mouse or finger or loading a scan of your signature.

First of all this module should be installed in your database if you want to use this. If this is not installed for you then go to the Odoo apps and install this module from there. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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From the above image you can see the sign module is already installed for me. So I will simply click on its icon and come to the Sign module dashboard.

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Above screenshot is the dashboard of the sign module. On the dashboard you can see the two buttons such as “Upload A PDF To Sign” or “Upload a PDF Template”.

If you want to upload a new document then click on the “Upload a PDF Template” button. After clicking on this button you can preview the document. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

wwi7W9pNIkuWAmIGuXY8FzbecDDzD5PwfRTa4t 8nLWYCYLUcCeeFK6HC Hxz7gz1f xpmv055zO pu8Ueh98 AFpYY7eeRVzCHeBi9h5h08a6FkSLIbqhNP A7gWWqoE3VpFPge

On the preview page you can see some fields such as Signature, Initials, Name, Email, Phone , Company, Text, Multiline Text, Checkbox, Selection and Date. You can use these fields in your document by drag and drop. If you want initials for your customer, then click on the “Initials” field and drag and drop it exactly where you would like to be on the document as you can see in the screenshot below.

CNFCllTQF J0OOBv29DDRCVmd2827Spemb9stzq GRMl5k447Wf1zfdAUDScoK89e0wyrFa6joSAnnynLwtW Le2TiRYZCGRuDcy30OZypIj8lBft0nu 9Nq7 5uJh2e8MTMjNZ

From the above screenshot you can see the Responsible is customer in the popup window. You can see two options available on pop up such as “Add Once” and “Add To All Pages”. If you want only one page then you can click on the “Add Once” and if you want this in all pages then you can click on “Add To All Pages”.

If you want to signature this document then you can use the Signature field. 

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Same like initials you can drag and drop the signature field where you want to place in your document. You can set this Mandatory or not and then “Validate” this. Just Like Signature and Initials Odoo allows you to add all the fields as per your needs. And when your document template is set then you can click on the send button as highlighted in the screenshot above.

So this is how you can upload a pdf template and send this to the customer for signature.

Now I will come to the dashboard again and select the “Real Estate Listing Agreement Pdf” and perform the rest of the feature with this.

PScde2rBIvnc WpvcWdHwViGpMRuqXr3na1bKTUDzhJeddv4VYEfYCBGFCqu

Let’s click on this and open this document.

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Now click on the send button as highlighted above. After clicking on the send button you can see the preview of the email.

4woAn7vVbH1X0QqK9GWWu yy1WOQ gfEHypNa2byCwta zL6t6CcXAAERpJT rJbi5sX7gewhWgD1MM5DfjVe0JW gq52vyLm6hu0DOEoP5nt fwVNtdT252ZcTlXVnhfCnumEYs

Here you can add the customer name whose signature is required for the document. The subject field is to add the subject of the document and you can also add the content of the message, then click on the “Send” button to send the email.

After clicking on the send button you can see the status of the signature is waiting as highlighted in the screenshot above.

When a customer open the email, he can see the mail like as shown below.

PmeD5na4aEeD 9vd2euEL3IJDu6iJc5sQD5eUq6xunr4gj2PnpA3vOWRilRhbqUvDB60h9QnRsRsq uiLd PHOlcK2cqRfkShGFQ 3qyfa HdcMrYXMR18FnA4iG1Bv0yYt6GQlN

To sign the document he has to click on the “Sign Now” button. When he clicks on the sign now button a pop up window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

DCrS0Uk y7ZoCGLc444pAsnFwkeoKtQJL2QTIpIxULVa8VwUevYhRAStSQ1B5EDFec RZGI ERRRUGvj DDj PTQ89360IwuK7Pd FeiREuPHy46e1P1F2SSLzql1lLB Wf80PZY

When scrolling down the page then he can find the place where he has to insert his signature as shown in the highlighted part of the screenshot below.

xxOe evn1yza8a9Fd4ZEx0beaEZkzMUDyFSY5jsAYU5n O6hWgOu3dsv EuQBETofRear PbWGddAygVnSa9P7c0nBVHM1 dpGXsDNeSs89bupcEXPFR9c7UDo RCkCdOCIBKcp8

When he clicks on the signature place a new window will appear.

zaiH50SUFQTqKGOG2ccMu48WG26s2XbeXUJMvYVE9MG5sXzniFT2bmwYfUB xTZs16h3GSkxap5JoawyyElCtY01eLnjWL7bqlo9bB LWPT29sl2 L 89ru2juQ2JWVRCcB6zv1N

There are three options for digital signature such as draw, auto and load. If you select a ‘draw’ then you have to draw your signature. If you select the ‘auto’ then it will automatically show the by default signature. If you select the ‘load’ then you have to upload the signature here from your system. You can choose any of them according to your choice.

For example if you choose auto then it will show like the screenshot below.

59BmRhDFPmH28PCBiu1KBsbEGf47BCMK2We0kiBvGbepLwYVXwaalstik2UQ7Gv5nPct7z7P685pdOzEJ MiK8CoyGAfeGyNRYPRiaT8Fsan2 6WurZK 6kxsJ4zon vgiK9Gd49

Now you can click on the “Adopt and Sign” button or you can choose “Sign All”.

mzvemtxImW T4cC5ntp4HRcYV7P6P2kRk Qmc jYc3cwmwVvbK81T91Sm98LkhxgF EPf3Z71FkDZPFpyDq UEoPSM P

After clicking on the “Adopt and Sign” button, your document is signed and you can see the signature at the signature place. This is how the signature module works.

Configuration : When you click on the configuration then you can see the option for roles in the drop down menu.

Roles : When you click on the roles you will come to the new window as shown in the screenshot below.

aoqPECwrHPfVwL7C4omCa8t5V993pZRy8OeMFZGAL6JfDwXea5yj5ylyKZOyumTM2yObZZueE cgMt7D9eYbF2M1cZnqfZVeWPwlZoCOl Rb6Rc rjEnJm92ihZC8f61bhrBLUs

You can see the created list of the roles here. With the help of the “create” button you can create a new role.

2rPAOtm9lXUkcS2qVYFJKNBP v9i2WCHg4 TbK8BBuWfUOLOOQnuEI2baAUOlPfvJN5s0vFyIqP3r9Uq3RXqhM0zo LG3ZYgM9mPELlscut6WfUznGNyWcLCeZYlswYfDkX1qtWs

This is the way to sign the document in Odoo V15 using the Sign Module. I hope that you like this blog and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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