Vanilla Software : In computer science, the term vanilla is used to refer to when computer software and sometimes also other computing related systems like computer hardware and algorithms are not customized from their original form, that means they are used without any customizations or updates applied to them. Vanilla software has become a widespread industry standard, widely used by businesses and individuals. 

Vanilla Implementation : The term “vanilla ERP” was first introduced in the 90’s by top vendors like SAP and Oracle. ‘Plain vanilla’ simply refers to an out-of-the-box implementation style that has little or no modifications at all in the basic design of the ERP solution code. Vanilla ERP pushes back the concept of never ending customizations in the original solution and encourages the use of core ERP functionalities. 

A vanilla strategy refers broadly to one that is simple and straightforward, with little complexity. Vanilla strategies can be a common or popular approach to investing by ordinary investors or certain decisions made in business. Although the approach is relatively basic.

It is a business solution software that empowers your people to be more productive and enables your systems to adapt as you grow, while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world.

Similarly, businesses can succeed through plain vanilla strategies such as focusing business lines in areas where there is a clear competitive advantage. In business, however, a vanilla strategy must allow for some innovation as a competitive advantage can weaken over time for many products and services.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of Vanilla Implementation :

  1. Come upon everyone involved in an assured process. Due dates are carefully chased.
  1. Allow your business to proceed more adequately and proficiently by providing up to date modules successfully used by many firms.
  1. Receive accurate and relevant information to help you make the right choices at the right time.
  1. Shift focus from everyday and routine tasks against satisfying customers.
  1. Minimizing the number of errors made during performing daily tasks.
  1. Accept  accurate and suitable information to help you make the right choices at the right time.
  1. Vanilla implementation is a fully customizable and fully integrated system that offers various setups. You can select the most appropriate theme that suits you and your organization.
  1. This implementation is safe and secure, providing smooth access control to various modules and applications.
  1. This implementation is cloud based ERP. It helps companies to manage and integrate all the important parts of its business from anywhere and at any time using compatible devices such as PC’s, mobiles and tablets.

Just like everything in the world there are merits and demerits, same as this Vanilla implementation’s good side and bad side.

With the help of the following comparison, you can easily decide the best selection for your manufacturing company.

Plain Vanilla ERP Solution PROS :

  • Lands easy on your pocket. No customization results in absolutely nil extra expenditure.
  • Simple design means quick implementation and easy to use.
  • Ensures smoother upgrades, as upgrades are designed keeping in mind the basic design of the software.
  • Trusted Vanilla solutions offer reliability as you get to know the reviews and feedback online.
  • It is easy to maintain and get support from freelancers.
  • Gives you the chance to redefine the current business processes. Also eliminates inadequate functionalities and inefficient processes.

Plain Vanilla ERP Solutions Cons :

  • Leaves you with limited options of innovation and R&D as with non-customized solutions, the ideas can be easily replicated by your competitors.
  • Might be incompatible with your existing operating systems. Data transfer, or other business software may clash with the plain Vanilla flavor.
  • Though initially cost-effective, it may end up emptying your pockets if you ask your vendor for customizations at a later stage.
  • Plain Vanilla solutions are rigid and difficult to modify, and cover only basic functionalities of a typical ERP suite.
  • Fails to meet all of your business requirements. It becomes difficult to modify your business processes at every stage.
  • Demands extra effort by the staff to ensure project success at the grass-root level.

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