Language Translations in Odoo

Odoo translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target) without any extra customizations. Odoo language translation is the use of a computer program to translate input text from one national language to another while maintaining the original document format. Odoo provides you with the option to manage Odoo in different languages, and each user can use Odoo in his own language. Furthermore, Language translation in Odoo can be used to translate words, labels, and strings into the required languages. In this blog, you are going to explain how to manage Odoo Language Translation enable in Odoo.

Firstly, you have to go to Settings ->activate the developer mode.

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Firstly now you can load your desired language on your Odoo instance.

Now go to –>Settings ->Translations -> and click on Load a Translation button.

At that time you can click Load a Translation button to choose the required language from the list. 

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At that time you can click Load a Translation button to choose the required language from the list. 

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At the same time, you selected a language from the drop-down Click the ‘Load’ button, the language will be installed in your Odoo ERP.

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Now go to Settings ->Translations ->Import/Export ->Export Translation.

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Now you can select the required language. At that time you can change the file format as CSV File. Now select the apps in which the translation is to be done and click the Export button.


Now you will get a new window. Download the exported translation file.

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The CSV file contains two keywords msgid and msgstr.

  • msgid contains the actual text
  • msgstr contains the text you want to display for the translation.

At the same time clicking the Export button, a new display will open and it will have a link to download the generated CSV file. Download the CSV file. Copy and paste the file and save it in the i18n folder inside your module. Further, Whenever the i18n  folder is not present, create it.

At the same time, a user selects the Thai language you can see the translated text. 

Whenever you want to views the translated text, there is a translation icon in Odoo.

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