Fundamentally, a survey is a method of gathering information from a sample of people, traditionally with the intention of generalising the results to a larger population. Surveys provide a critical source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged in the information economy, from businesses and the media to government and academics. A survey is a list of questions aimed for extracting specific data from a particular group of people. 

Surveys are key forms for organizations to identify product requirements, satisfaction levels, feedback, and many other aspects of the client. As the world has shifted to the usage of digital technology, as well as advancements in communication, surveys are now available in digital format. Previously, surveys were aspects that were filled out when in retail places, which all of you must have done while acquiring electronic equipment or shopping at the grocery. You will be able to define your website surveys on both consumer and employee factors with the help of the Odoo surveys module. 

Survey research is often used to assess thoughts, opinions and feelings. Surveys are the most reliable technique to obtain real judgment from your customers. 

There are many platforms available to carry out a survey, among them online surveys are an easy and efficient means to reach the targeted audience. With the help of survey software, you can create questionnaires, gather information, and analyze the collected data efficiently.

The two types of surveys most typically used in an organization to assess the operation of an organization. The two types of surveys are Market Research or Customer Feedback,  and  Employee satisfaction and Requirements surveys.

Market Research or Customer Feedback : These surveys can assist you in understanding industry trends and in changing your marketing as well as items.

Another type of survey that is constantly presented to customers is feedback surveys, which may be designed and explained to learn about client feedback on the products and services that they have acquired. It used to be in the form of pen and paper, but now it’s available online. 

Employee satisfaction and Requirements surveys : Employee satisfaction is an important aspect of any organization, and you should always be able to check on it at a higher level. For this you can create employee-based surveys and analyze the satisfaction index on them. 

Employee requirements surveys are typical decision-based surveys for employees that might be based on the need for particular facilities in the firm such as a coffee machine or a decision on a salary raise or any of the company’s inhouse requirements or decisions. 

Odoo Survey Module : Odoo Survey Module is one of the tools that will help define customized Surveys and run them effectively. With the Odoo surveys module, you will be able to run the online surveys based on the functional and operational needs of the beneficiary.

People often find difficulties in recording their responses and organizing the collected feedback. But Odoo enables easy submission of responses through the survey module and it records all data from the survey for further analysis. It is quite easy to create new surveys and publish them on the website. 

The Survey module is available in Odoo by default and you can Install this from the application module in Odoo.

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From the above image you can see that the Survey Module is already installed for me. So You can see the Survey module icon on the home dashboard after completing the installation as shown below.

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When you click on the Survey Module it will give you an insight into all surveys conducted by the survey module in different categories like Feedback form, Mycompany vendor certification, Quiz about our company, Burger Quiz, Furniture creation certification.  

Also you will be depicted with the dashboard where all the Surveys which are in operations will be described. The following screenshot depicts the Survey dashboard, which can be viewed in Kanban, List, and Activity view. Here, you will have Filtering and Group by tools that can help us sort and find out the proper Survey if numerous ones are being described.

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If you want to create a new survey then click on the Create button. For reference you can see the screenshot below. 

 When you click on the create button the form will open and you have to fill in the details. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Give a name to your survey and add a photo in the given sections to differentiate this particular survey from the other. If you want to add a question then you can click on the Add a question tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the Add a Question tab, you can see the form will open. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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While making your survey questions, always keep in mind that nobody wants to waste their time on answering lengthy and useless questions. So try to keep your questions simple and to the point.

Here you can see that there are various types of questions. You can select one of them on the basis of your requirement. Depending on the Question Type, the tab Options aggregates extra and different possibilities. Examples:

  • Single Line Text Box : Can choose a minimum and maximum text length (number of characters – spaces do not count), and its error message.
62vFaUOB8wfe3 bzYPkaGtLHTGY0sS8zX9TCDKEQJ6OAwYxB0RkDIClQFqA5pCauaoryz9GnUW4PRugcczCPyq0PB2FLLjzUxg5NP1S2sDWKC69NSsZym WrZBOQKPC8wMjQV 5J
  • Multiple lines Text Box : This type of question gives answers in multiple lines like a paragraph. The employee can give an answer in a multiple line text box.
zBJQdnuCpvWKZ2gvGwV2BMAj r6M9X2XWVpsVCF vlrjC6EGAER6F9u9PQ4buMJwqfY OGYNTZr9pqCz35nFHSDW0T5 3BBhNlLff3d meZeRVTRHYtYy0LPkJeMcVNupPoaUZpI
  • Numerical Value : This type of question considers only numeric value as answer.
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  • Date : This type of question is considered answer only date format.
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  • Datetime : In this question type you have to fill the date as well as time.
7bW9JttJqpIcJk0H2DJqKwzKQu682hzuFjTfkf7df3icMFcXfnqkLzfg8Wabr 1ec5qakSLpVcfTJqF7KwL7bVe1YYr9nVJcS6phLl9AehhHFfXZBEXFgISrEZ1nG0o2tSooooba
  • Multiple choice multiple answer allowed : multiple answers allowed: choose between radio buttons or a dropdown menu list, and if you would like to have a comment field.
7BmIf5g7g5T56yh96mgn7nXs31yCwxejFGufsdQZgkcTE1D8vPnBAv6m35N4QETlMcFNw3F59CKOw7W2VFZgnVkUAfOnW3MXu7zLW9YvLkdRIGvhXqnMXrybub5zOIlRc mRqV8f
  • Multiple choice only one answer : In this type of question, now we can provide a choice for the employee to select one answer for the question. cnWyv xcRronCyrpwk5g9roJL OksT63SVs0XIDAC MwZOzDRbBPLzHmW FgqHpF94JA0Tf55BEMK BLZhWtrgTE7NpyhHBmGVQ2rXpzTDXAOHYI04 224hdJCOgzJwPf2PdB
  • This time we are choosing the Multiple choice: only one answer type of question. The question is defined as an Appraisal Term indicating which type of appraisal the employee is applying for. The Question Type is selected as Multiple choice: only one answer. Under the Answers tab, the Choices are defined as Half Yearly, Yearly, and After Probation, which the Survey participants can select while answering the respective question.
Ote0z9FWmOiVA8kj3eAqYNTy5DKy4Id2atztPGjCPe9YXZvLIbG7jj3VMVv9HkLxMjKYM4edbDBOPtSCG 7U4EKgUKDu8zAsWcisr3 JCeGN4hF2 5uqmEUQsoW65RMbsMnW TY

You can create more choices with the “Add a line” tab as I am showing in the highlighted area.

Under the Options tab, the options such as Mandatory Answer and the Error Message will be defined. The Display options such as the Number of columns and the Images on answers option can be enabled. In addition, the Conditional Display option can be helped. The Show Comments Field and the Question Time Limit option can be enabled as well as disabled based on the need. 

Once the Question configuration is defined, select the Save and New option, saving the Survey Question and depicting you with a new configuration window.For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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  •  Matrix Type : choose if you would like to have one or multiple choices per row.
7eGtbJXojByON3ZBLbWKfI9l3cfyWNMOyjFFhBJW6fkiqI1fCf0xWJTcwU1v5Hm CL3FjLhkTrgyTKkhOONUiWPJbcjmEMY HkOpB0INSBb1uzza7l0DcqCSsaDIpToCK SRpbbJ

Configuration of Survey Module : Under the options tab in the survey creation form, you may provide the setup details for the survey. The Question setup parameters such as the Layout can be defined as one of the default options among One page with all questions, One page one section, and One page per question. Furthermore, the Progression Mode might be Percentage or Number. You may also enable the Survey Time Limit settings and specify a time limit. The choice for selection can be set to All questions or Randomized per part.

Secondly, the Scoring features, such as how the scoring should be described, should be depicted as No Scoring, Scoring with answers at the end, or Scoring without answers at the end. Furthermore, the Candidates Access Mode and the Login Required option can be enabled or disabled as needed. Finally, configure the Live Session options by activating or disabling the Reward rapid replies and entering the Session Code. 

pNt 7gPfD9YNV3fk1iQvcXJLITVdhXby6c8y2knCHGWrHau
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Once the Survey is defined, Save it from the creation window, and to run a test, you can select the Test option available, which will take you to the Surveys just as it has been depicted to the visitors as shown in the below screenshot. 

When you click on the “Start Survey” button. Your test survey will start, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

yu7t5OMG91qWOtyCKPgKKcmAUZo5Zy1ur0tXvF1wZMcyxMB4cuXjBKafJ GACVxLTEGIfKD fmtiGZfYTlN0 7ihlbkin5ucNPnF5o1W74L06B0YsnW8c29HtiU8GG10RL7p2 KZ
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Odoo will allow you to review your answers so that you can confirm the accuracy of questions. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

After completing testing of the survey now, if you want to see the Answers that employees gave in the survey via clicking on the “Answers button”. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on the Answer button, then you can see the list of the people who gave answers to your questions. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

gLLaHrejnjKttVgereZyA7iCjr9nh QLpVEz3HNthBRuGGYOpE

When you click on any of them, you can see the respective answers. 

After testing your survey, now you can share your survey. It is easy to share the survey with the target respondents to collect their feedback by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. With the button “Share” we generate a link to the survey, which we can send directly to the participants via email. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

7M1tCSdkHlSbVBKFt6DfY6OighzoKRdc8Qfw55BTZu1fOCup PXbgHjzfshxnJCDX1B3CusnszLAKKiXl2ooqikK56JlWBwERztunY2 SKEtImjnu63JDWBg8fZc kVD1m8hoFpu

When you click on the share button, the new window will open for reference you can see the screenshot below.

Now you can send this survey via email with the help of the “Send button”.

The “Create Live Session” option will help you to take a live survey and the responses can be seen by clicking on the “See Results”. To take a printout of this survey use the “Print” option. Use the “Close” button to close the survey after collecting the required information. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

QaleYaC6QTnClxqqqXR10cHS0DYtnATPvkkOjTrAX2x S1y2PNwcGjxHGg9DdI L47Yuuli 4bil3z8Z6KcpDWppluL9w

The survey module of the Odoo website builder is one of the most important tools in the company’s operations in Odoo. It allows you to describe numerous custom-made surveys to the public as well as for the company’s in-house operations. 

This is how the Survey Module works in Odoo. I hope this blog will help you to understand Survey Module workflow.

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