ERP is a business software that allows an organization to manage all its resources by using the system of integrated applications.
ERP, nowadays mostly used by every organization regardless of the size of his business.

Now which ERP is best to use for your business is the question?

ERP system should include a list of vital functions: Inventory Management, Sales & Purchase Management, Warehouse Management, Financial Management, Human Resource & Payroll,  Customer Relationship Management. ERP is suitable for every kind of business which are trying to manage their resources in an adequate manner. Small business having physical or eCommerce multiple stores, they gather information in a single database, keep it accurate, and dissolve data logjams to free time and help employees make smarter decisions or medium business facing accounting and inventory difficulties or either large business with lots of customers to respond to are totally fitted in the grounds of ERP.

Open source ERP is a software system whose source code is made publicly available. The best selling feature of many ERPs is the ability for the ERP system to directly integrate with a business’s’ other information systems. ERP system also allows customization. Generally, customization is good because it allows for gaining competitive advantages over companies that use only standard ERP practices, and it can also be used to create an ERP system that employees are more comfortable with. For businesses that go beyond the scope of very small businesses, ERP systems are quickly becoming essential parts of the office environment. Not only are younger employees trained to deal with such systems, but they are trained to expect them. яндекс

The Open source model allows companies to access the ERP system’s code and customized it.There is a number of flexible, feature-rich, and cost effective open source ERP systems out there.
Following are the top open source ERP, which is

  • Odoo
  • ERPNext
  • Dlibarr
  • Opentaps

From above all Odoo is the most popular open source ERP system. Odoo comes in most Commonly used software with full user satisfaction and covers all sorts of business operations, from project management, CRM, and HR to inventory control and omnichannel sales and covers all the application you need. It is widely accepted nowadays to manage different scales companies. Not only in the Production Sector but also in Service Sectors, Educational, Health, Logistic and almost in all major sectors. Besides, Odoo is cloud-based and offers a free basic plan for 1 app and suitable for up to 50 users. Odoo is a license free software combining all the features of traditional ERP as well as providing additional modules for the business aspects.

Under below you can find the overview of Odoo features:
– Sales Management
– Project Management
– Inventory Management
– Automated Stock Update
– Accounting
– e-Commerce
– Efficient Integrations
– Website Edition and much more.

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