Odoo Sales Module helps in sales planning too. Sales planning conclude the sales rates the company must sustain for its product lines to meet the important plan.

There are several new features introduced in Odoo V15 Sales Modules:

Firstly you have to install Sales module in your database. 

image 144
  • Pivot views and graph views

The viewing options are editable for better adjustments in the Odoo Sales Module. Users can adjust the functionalities as per their choice.

image 145
  • Filtering Options

>> Now you can mark products as favorites

image 146

You can filter Your Favorite Products

image 147
  • Gift Card

>> To create a Product as Gift Card you can tick on the checkbox of gift card option.

image 15
  • To add Customer Signature

To add signatures in the sales order

Add Customer Signature in a Sale Order
  • Print Product Labels

In Sales module, you will be able to print labels for one product or multiple products.

image 5

After selecting the products you will be able to generate labels layout for one product by moving to product template view along with for multiple products at once by moving to product template list view.

image 6

>> After click on the confirm button you can configure your document layout as per your needs. Now you can enter the following details like Layout, Font, Company Logo, Colors, Layout Background, Company Tagline, Company Details, etc.

image 7
  • Toggle Studio.

>> Now you can click on the Toggle Studio.

image 1

After click on the Toggle studio button, now you can configure the graph.

image 2

In Toggle studio, you can configure and filter the type of the graph.

image 3

After clicking on the sorting button, you can sort the data in the graph in ascending or descending order.

image 4
  • Unit of Measures (UoM)

Odoo supports several units of measure. The product can be expressed in several units of measure at once. Make sure that all the units of measure used for a product are in the same units of measure category. Odoo has a feature to manage multiple units of measure for sales, purchase, and inventory efficiently. There are many business cases where the purchase is done in bulk to get the price benefits and the same product sale in a different unit of measure.

In Odoo V15 Sales module, From Sales module one can now add Unit of Measure (UoM) in individual Units category over add line in UoM.

image 8

Here in this you can define the category for UoM, and then one can define the units.

Now you can create the new unit of measure by click on the create button.

image 9

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