Odoo 10 is on running and now what…its Odoo version 11 is on the air and soon to be released with more functions and better accessibility to the end-users & development team.

What’s new Odoo version 11 is bringing:
New website dashboard incorporated with various keyboard shortcuts
– Odoo Version 11 introduced global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature to make navigating Odoo quicker and easier than ever and much more.

In Odoo ERP community you will find
-New Design

And in Odoo ERP Enterprise:

-Services Companies
-Odoo Studio
-Reporting & Dashboard
-Improving on existing Enterprise Apps such as Helpdesk, Timesheets, Subscriptions.

Featured functional changes are:

New timesheet app
– Interactive timeline recording.
– Newly updated timesheet flow.
– The new report has been added to analyze the differences between attendances and time sheets.
– Timesheet validation update.
– Automated reminder functionality has been added.

New Product Catalog App
– By using this application you can access product catalog just from your apps dashboard.

 Accounting Application
– New module to import CAMT.053 XML files to populate bank statements
– Analytic accounting analysis

Subscription Application
– It includes the new dashboard, analysis by the company and all companies.

New Payment acquirer
– Payumoney and payment Stripe.

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