Odoo is an open-source ERP offering both free and paid versions with a remarkable integrated system at a very fair price. Odoo, a renowned Open Source ERP Solution, and business software have been fully merged into one powerful and adaptable management software that can handle various business needs.

It offers a strong product with low cost and lots of easy-to-use modules. Odoo has made as of now its worldwide­ presence across the world through its ERPs solutions and business management software. 

The Odoo software includes crucial capabilities that allow you to automate all of your core company processes. It is a user-friendly, reliable ERP so that each year they come up with new features which enhance business and make the system more feasible. 

Odoo 14.0 is more focused on saving time for employees. Odoo 15 will be more advanced and feature-rich, allowing businesses to run more efficiently and effectively.

In this blog we are going to discuss new features of Odoo Version 15.

  1. New Import Screen : This new import screen feature includes a menu to handle cash rounding making it seamless for accounting and generating the invoice.

The main highlight of this feature is that, while importing invoices an additional feature to handle cash rounding, currency exchange rate, etc has been added.

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Above screenshot is the updated view of import.

  1. Coupons and promotion program in POS : Coupons and promotions have been a major part of sales. The Odoo 15 Coupons are created to support both eCommerce as well as POS.

qYeRVbZc694LwIcMGxMWIXaaOcCEd8BQBn2m laaNGysTBYoDfpe8LW2 qj9MPLWjpvG5 bB3uvZrmYIdFAEpzJZpHRRbM8tZJoGycvZ5KQbVCHhWhen you enable the coupons and promotion program you can also create coupons and promotions accordingly.

  1. Capable options in Pivot and graph view : Odoo 15 most likely allows you to edit and adjust the graph using Odoo studio module. As a part of user ease, odoo added a feature where users can edit the views accordingly.
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  1. New HTML Editor : Odoo 15 includes an attractive new HTML editor. While it will be similar to the text editor, it will include HTML codes. HTML editor is a text editor for designing web pages via Html codes. Here is the new Html editor.
  1. CRM Module : Odoo V15 CRM is to improve managing leads and assigning sales people well. This feature in the CRM will enhance the lead activity for assigning the salespersons to multiple Teams. Here, by using this feature it is easy to allocate the desired team members to activity or lead or any other opportunities in the Odoo 15 CRM module.

Multiple Sales Teams – Assign salespeople to different Sales Teams.

Rule-Based Assignment – Assign leads based on rules on a regular basis. Unless otherwise selected, this configuration will be used by default by all sales teams.

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  1. Website Gift card : This option allows you to sell the card on ecommerce. This functionality creates unique code for the sale of gift cards.
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  1. Purchase Dashboard : The dashboard provides the needed information about the tax and untaxed based total.
  1. Share Buttons : One can use the share functionality in the Ecommerce website platform. There are share buttons for the product to share on different social media platforms through website portals. By these options you can easily share the details on the platform to finalize the product.
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  1. Favorite products in Sales Management : You may now add products to Favorites directly from the product menu, allowing for further filtration. This will be a successful method, and the tools will aid in the dedicated management of product operations.
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From the above screenshot you can see the favorite products as highlighted.

  1. Task Dependencies : This module enables the user to define dependencies (other tasks) of a task.
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New features in Odoo 15 can help you to manage your businesses ideally. You can enhance more with further customization. The latest odoo 15 features will be infused into your business module smoothly by our expert team implementation. For more information contact to Planet-Odoo

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