Odoo Website Builder Overview : Odoo allows users to configure and manage a website quickly and efficiently, and it’s all thanks to our simple tools and easy-to-navigate design. In the latest version, there is a cleaner interface, with new options available for blog titles and text blocks. Don’t waste any more time; it’s time to create a website to promote your business. By working with Odoo, you can give your landing page a good design and manage your business with ease.

Odoo Website builder is an easy and customizable application through which customers can create their own website and can edit anything online. There is no technical knowledge required for creating a website. Odoo is a complete solution for all of your website concerns. This open-source ERP solution aids in the development of attractive websites in the shortest amount of time. 

As a comprehensive web design solution, Odoo offers everything from corporate blogs to mobile site versions, including content management and social media integration. Novice users can opt for a simple CMS approach to build a website in less than a day. It is of note that Odoo is also used by developers who create enterprise sites for clients.

Multi Website Management : Multi website management is very simple with this module. All websites are completely independent in their own individual theme, domain name, branding, pages, languages, products, slides and blog posts, etc. You can manage multiple websites at once if you’re using Odoo. Customer partition can be done through this. Variety of business is also aided by it. 

For this go to the website module from the odoo database and click on the configuration tab and select settings from the drop down menu and enable the multi website feature. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Create a Website : You can easily create a website via clicking on “Create A New Website Button” for reference you can see the screenshot above. Now let me click on the “Create A New Website Button” and a new window will appear. As shown in the screenshot below.


This will aid us in deciding on a website name, domain name and company. Complete the process. Now click on the Create button.

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You can find other created websites from the Menu Bar. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Management of the Multi-Language : Odoo e-commerce provides you by default a function of language translation which lets you translate language automatically by way of a click. Odoo makes it easy to choose your preferred language. A language choice can be found at the bottom of the newly built website. Select one of the existing languages or add a new language option by clicking on it.

You can even change the language of a small part of the website. For this go to the Website module and click on the configuration tab and select settings from the drop down menu.

Website module > Dashboard > Configuration > Settings.

You can add a language whatever you want and then click to the “Save Button” and mark the changes. The dashboard of the website is visible with the present language and facility to change it into a new language.

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You can also change the website language from the other option also. For reference you can see the screenshot below. As you can see in the highlighted portion and select one of the existing languages or add a new language option by clicking on it.

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When you click on the “Add a Language Button” a new window will appear, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Now click on the “Add Button”, after choosing the website and language.

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Now your website language is changed from English to French. When it’s over, we’ll see a Translate option at the top of the page. Here is where we will finish the website translation. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Create and build a page using building blocks : If you want to create a web page you must visit the website first. For this go to the Website module and on the dashboard click on the “Go to the Website Button”.

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By clicking on the button, you will come into the page like shown in the screenshot below.

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You can also click on the Edit button on the top right corner for managing your page as highlighted in the screenshot above. And for making your Website more attractive and inviting you are allowed to use different design tools. Now click on the save button as highlighted in the screenshot below to save the changes. 

VErWHTtsC4vLa0kGSY05R3RtmUQtOX gpnybhdIrmdXFwVCs3jGeJvaeeVp5You can also click to the mobile preview button on the top left side of the Menu bar for getting the Mobile view of your Website. For reference you can see the screenshot above.

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Customize Menu and Appearance : It can be done in accordance with the  Product view, Menu, and more. For this go to the Website and click on the Pages tab and from the drop down menu select Edit Menu.

Website > Pages > Edit Menu.

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How to create Menu : Choose Edit from the drop-down menu. We may choose which features should be included in the menu in this section.

This window will help you to make a new menu, submenu and delete menu options.

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How to Manage Pages : We can now come to the website manage pages section. You can find this option under the Page tab.

Website > Pages > Manage Pages 

We can easily manage the website pages here. For optimizing the SEO for the page, clone the page or delete the page. 

Customization of Appearance : The customization of appearance is the next step. For changing the appearance of your website on the way your products were listed etc. 

For this go to the website and click on the Customize tab.

Website > Customize.

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We can use this to add new functionality and modify settings.

If you want to list products on the website, then go to the website and choose New from the top right corner. For reference you can see the screenshot below. This can be used to make new products, blogs, and other aspects.

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Now click on the “Product” and you will see the popup window.

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Now give the name to the product and click on the Create button. This is how you can create a new Product.

You will come to the new window after providing the product name as shown in the screenshot below.

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Through the Builder Blocks, the Product pages can be easily designed together with adding both the image and cost of the product.

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Present the product on the website by pressing the Published/Unpublished button as highlighted in the screenshot above.

Product Catalog Page Customization : On the website, the product catalog can be seen on the product page. 

You can do this by going to Website > Shop.

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By choosing different options you can customize the product catalog. And can also display the website categories, attributes, etc. through which, you’re enabled to give a new experience in shopping through wishlist and comparison list. 

Manage Add to Cart : This can be done to make it easier for customers to buy items by adding them to their cart.

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The customers will continue with their purchase, by clicking the button Continue Shopping or they will proceed to pay via selecting Proceed to Checkout button.

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Switch Website : You can switch from one website to another website also. You can find this feature on the top right corner of the edit bar. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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How to publish specific Content per website : For this go to the website dashboard and click on the Blog tab.

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When you click on the Blog tab the new window will appear. In this window you can see all the blogs which are already published. You can select from them or you can create a new one with the help of the create button.

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Here are all of the items which one can link to both one or all the website are,

  • Products
  • Note
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Slide Channels
  • Forums
  • Product Categories for eCommerce

Multi Companies : Odoo facilitates managing multi-companies.In a multi-company environment, every website can be linked to a specific company of your system.

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You can find more details about the website builder module in our upcoming blog. If you have any question click on the Planet-Odoo

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