Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo


Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo is providing the solution for small and medium businesses offers all the functionality of our enterprise-grade scheduling technology in a streamlined, user-friendly package. This module helps a customer to book an Appointment on their own from the website.

Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo helps a customer to book an appointment from the website. Odoo Appointment Scheduling feature is available only in Odoo Enterprise version. It helps a customer to search for an appointee and check their time slots and the user can book an appointment with an Appointment Date and a Time Slot.

In this article, we are going to explain the matter of how to schedule “Online Appointment in Odoo”.  Online Appointments is made easy to manage meetings online. Automate your scheduling process. Odoo appointment scheduling software helps you find a time to meet that works for all attendees. When a user comes to schedule an appointment, they select the meeting type and the person with which they are requesting the meeting.

Let’s see how to schedule an appointment in Odoo:

Firstly, install the Appointment Scheduling application in your database.

Go to Website -> Apps -> Online Appointment Scheduling.

At this time you can go to the Website-> Configuration-> Online Appointments and create a new Appointment schedule

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Now you can enter the Appointment type and fill the following fields like Scheduling & Activities, Slots, Questions, Messages.

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 Scheduling and Availability: In this category, you can add the following field like Appointment duration, Schedule Appointment, Allow Cancelling, timezone, reminders, location, Assignation method, etc.

Slots: In this category, set your working hours day by day and customize time-slot intervals for maximum flexibility. You can enter the timing of your appointment through day wise

Questions:  In this category,  At the time of Appointment Creation, you can inquire the questions to the customers.
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Now you can add the various question like Name, Contact no, Email id, Address, etc.

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Message: In this category,  you can add any messages for your users and views them over Online Appointment form.

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At that point, you can publish the Appointment.

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Now you can select their preferred time slot based on your availabilities.

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At that time when you go to the website, you can view new tab Schedule Appointments to create appointments.  When you click on that button then your user can select the meeting type and the person they want to have the meeting with. 

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Then you will be preempted to the Online Appointment form and you can view the questions that you have created in the Appointment form. All type of question is to fill and click on the confirm appointment button.


When you confirm the appointment, you will receive a successful appointment message. Send automated email/SMS reminders to make sure that your clients won’t forget their appointment. Allow them to add the meeting to their calendar in one click. If they cannot make it, they can still reschedule based on your availabilities!

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When you go to your appointment form you can views the newly created appoints there. 

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