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Benchmark ERP Solutions For Telecom Industry

At Teckzilla, we serve our telecom clients with a complete suite of Odoo solutions. Our extensive set of solutions ensures that our clients get prompt resolutions for any type of network disruption they face. With the ability to integrate Odoo into telecom inventory systems, telecom CRM, and telecom analytics, we cater an exceptional set of services for all our clients. As Odoo can cater to incredible integrations, we use such capabilities to enable our clients to acquire extensive ease in maintaining customer satisfaction while using data for better service.

Quoting & Contract Management
A close up blue toned image of a magnifying glass held out in front of page in a legal contract document. Sheets of paperwork are on a wooden desk with a ink pen close to a signed page. Contract text and signature are fake. Shot with  shallow depth of field with focus on the word โ€˜Contractโ€™.

Our Odoo based ERP solutions allow you to acquire the most efficient contract and quoting management.

Customer Sales

With the help of our Odoo CRM tools, you will get the opportunity to attain extensive customer sales.

Customized Quotes

Our Odoo solutions enable you to create customized quotes based on network, software, or device as per the requirement to close the deal quickly.

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