Setting up your Bank Account in Odoo

An account held by an investor at a financial institution. The financial institution holds the money for the investor, leading to a positive or credit balance, or loan money to the investor, leading to a negative or debit balance. In Odoo it is very easy to configure the bank account. At that time user can manage the multiple bank account and credit card very simple and efficient. In Odoo a customer can easily create and update or delete own bank account details in simple steps. In this Blog, you are going to discuss the create, edit, and delete of bank or credit card account.

1.Create a Bank Account:

Go to Accounting->Configuration->Bank accounts-> and click on Create button.

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Now you can see the list of all the bank accounts already created (If any). To configure a new one click on the <Create> button. You will get redirected to the new form as below.

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Now you can enter the details like Bank account name, Account number, Bank, etc.

  • Debit methods are used to specify the means of collecting money. There are two types of payment handling method like Manual and Electronic. At that time you can choose “manual” to manage payments outside the software or you can choose “electronic” to use the common payment option available in Odoo.
  • Payment methods are used to specify the means of sending money.

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Create/Select the bank from the list of banks

Type: Bank account type: Normal or IBAN. Inferred from the bank account number.
ABA/Routing: American Bankers Association Routing Number
Account Holder Name: Account holder name, in case it is different than the name of the Account Holder

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2.Edit a Bank Account:

Now user can edit the bank account detail whenever needed.

Go to Accounting->Configuration->Bank accounts

At that time you can select an account from the list and click on the edit button to change the page into an editable format.


3.Delete a Bank Account

Go to Accounting->Configuration->Bank accounts.

At that time you can select a bank account to delete from the list of the bank account and delete it from click on Action -> Delete button.

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4.Customer/Vendor Bank/Credit card accounts:

In order to create the bank accounts or credit card accounts relevant to each customer, and select the customer in the customer list to which you want to add the bank account.

Go to Sales-> Customers-> Select a customer.

Under the sales and purchases tab, go to the payments section. To add a bank account click on the Bank account link at that time you can view all the accounts taken by this customer.

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At that time through clicking on credit cards, now you can view all the credit cards taken through the customer and you can create a new one.

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