Scrap Management in Odoo Inventory 

Scraps are an essential entity in several businesses organizations, particularly in manufacturing business organizations. Scrap is the discarded material from a manufacturing job and product are unusable or at the same time, it reaches its expiry date. Scrap may also consist of small and otherwise insignificant materials, assuming those materials are leftover and not needed. One of the easiest ways to minimize scrap is to optimize your manufacturing process. In Odoo you’ll manage a defected or scrap product from any point of business like whereas receiving a decent, or throughout the internal transfer, etc. In this blog, you are going to discuss scrap the product in a  warehouse. In Odoo Inventory you can create one or more scrap locations for scrap Products.


First of all, you have to install Inventory apps in your database. At that time you can enable the checkbox Multi-warehouses from the setting of Inventory.

Go to Inventory -> Configuration ->Settings ->Multi-warehouses, then click on apply.

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After applying Multi-Warehouses, you can create a new scrap location:

go to Configuration -> Warehouse Management -> Locations.

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Now Lets’ see how to create several ways to scrap products.

1. Scrap from Receipt

2. Scrap from delivery order

3. Scrap from the internal transfer

1. Scrap from Receipt

To scrap product from incoming shipment

Go to Inventory module ->Warehouse Management ->Receipt >Create


At that time you can open the incoming shipment, and in the Initial demand tab, click on the scrap products button.

Select the product, scrap location, and enter the quantity. Click Done to save the scrap, the item will be moved from inventory to the scrap location.  


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A new stock move will be created corresponding to the scrap order.

5 2

2. Scrap from delivery orders

To scrap product from outgoing shipment,

Go to Inventory -> Dashboard -> Delivery Orders -> Create

image 1


At that time you can open the outgoing shipment, and in the Initial demand tab, click on the scrap products button.

6 2

7 2

3. Scrap from internal transfer 

To scrap product from the internal transfer, Go to Inventory -> Dashboard -> Receipts

image 2

In the internal transfer method, makes sure that there are no damaged products in the inventory.

inter 1

At the same time, you click on scrap button, a popup will open. You can enter the number of products, and specify the scrap location, at that time click on Scrap.

8 2

9 1

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