Sales Team Management in Odoo

Sales channel in Odoo CRM places an important role in the sales management of Odoo Open ERP. Odoo Sales Team Management is used for the success of a business—especially in a competitive market—depends largely on how much sales it generates. Sales management is what makes or breaks your business. Odoo sales pipeline has an important role in converting leads to sales.

Let’s see how to configure Sales Team functionality in Odoo:

Firstly, you can install the Sales Application in your database.

Go to Apps -> Sales

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Now install the CRM application in your database.

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To create a new sales team

Go to CRM -> Configuration -> Sales Team and create on Click.

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Fill in the following fields :

1.Sales Team:  Enter the name of your team

2.Team type: The team type defines the sources which the channel uses.

3. Team Leader: Select your team leader. Team leader manages the lead for this sales channel.

4. Email Alias: It will define the name of the email alias.

5.  Accept Emails From: It is a policy to send a message on the document using the mail gateway. It defines three types:

  •  Everyone: Everyone can post
  • Partner: Only authenticated partner
  • Followers: Only followers of the related document

6. Add team member:  Select your team members. You can add team members to this channel. For click on Add button.

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And tick the checkbox of the members and click on the Select button. Whenever you want to create new sales members,  click on the Create button.

You can also handle the Dashboard of your sales team. In the Dashboard, you can change the content,  Expected to close and Grouping method.

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Invoicing Target:

You can determine the target of invoicing earnings for the current month. Invoicing target is the amount that the sales team measure to be invoiced this month. Tick on the checkbox set invoicing target in order to set target.


When you choose the graph,  if you want to change the graph info here:  once you can change the following field like -content, Expected to close and Grouping method. This channel will display in the dashboard.

Now Go to Sales > Orders > Sales team. you can see the dashboard.

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You can efficiently handle the quotations, opportunities and invoice revenues.

Now we can check how this will work.

Whenever creating a sales team, you can views that the sales team is accordingly filled, shortly after the creation of a quotation. 

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Reports :

The sales application allows you to access real-time reports that anyone can create and share. Get real-time statistics on the performance of individual sales or teams and motivate your employees with challenges, rewards and leader boards. You can examine the performance of the sales team via different report views that is dashboard, pivot and graph views.

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