Reordering Rule in Odoo

In Odoo Reordering is used to define the rules which allow you to describe the Minimum and Maximum Level of Stock. The minimum level of stock is a certain determined minimum quantity of raw materials or stock inventory and that should always be available in stock in the normal course of business.

Odoo allows you to set up rules so that an automatic raw material for those items is made, based on minimum stocks available. In Odoo Reordering is used to maintain at least a minimum qty stock of specified items. The rule is based on essential quantities and not simply on original quantities.

Now you can set the Reordering rule for that product by specifying a minimum quantity, maximum quantity. In this Blog, you are going to explain how to use the Reordering rule in Odoo.


Firstly you have to create a product and mention the product type as stockable. 

Go to Product form -> General Information tab

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At that time set the route as ‘buy’ from the Inventory tab.

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Add vendor with minimum qty greater than zero from Inventor tab.

Now you can click on the reordering button to create the reordering rule of the product and fill the following field like minimum qty, maximum qty and qty multiple.

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Minimum Quantity: At the same time you insert the minimum quantity to which the system will trigger a new order for stocks.
Maximum Quantity: At the same time you can insert the maximum of items that have to be stocked.
The Quantity Multiple: Procurement qty is rounded to the multiple of this qty. 
Lead Time: In this section, you can enter the number of Day(s) to purchase: correspond to the number of days for the supplier to receive the order

The number of Day(s) to get the products. Lead Time is the delay in delivery of products.

At the same time you have entered all the info, now click on Save button.

At the same time, the estimation quantity is going less than the minimum quantity specified in the reordering rule of the product, at that time the Odoo automatically generates the procurement, search the related vendor and generates a draft purchase order.

Now each time a product with a reordering rule reaches the minimum stock, the system will automatically send an RFQ to your supplier based on your maximum quantity to replenish your stock.

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