Removal Strategy: FIFO, LIFO, FEFO & Putaway Strategy in Odoo

The removal strategy is based on the stock move source location that depends on the stock-picking source location. Removal strategies are used in selection operation to choose the best product based on the following criteria like to enhance the distance for the worker, for the purpose of quality control or due to reason for product expiration. In Odoo, removal strategies divide into three types like FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO. It is used to determine your stock in an efficient way. Removal Strategies which are defined at the product level and Putaway Strategies are defined at the location level.


Firstly you have to install the inventory application in your database.

In the Inventory application, go to Configuration -> Setting and tick the checkbox of the lots or serial numbers option.


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Under the location & warehouse section, tick the option of  Manage several locations per warehouse and Advanced routing of products using rules, then click on the Apply button. 

Now go to the Locations and tick the checkbox of removal strategy click on the apply button.

Types of Putway strategies  :

1. First In First Out (FIFO):

First In First Out strategy implies that the products that were stocked first will move out first. 

Go to Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Locations, open the stock location and set FIFO removal strategy.

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2. Last In First Out (LIFO):

In this warehouse management, the products which are brought in the last move out the first. LIFO is used in case of products which do not have a shelf life.

Go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Locations, open the stock location and set LIFO removal strategy.

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3. First Expiry First Out  (FEFO):

In FEFO warehouse management, the products are dispatched from the warehouse according to their expiration date.

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Go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Setting. Select the option Define Expiration date on serial numbers. and click on the Apply button.

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It will allow you to set best before dateend of life datealert date and removal date on the serial number. Go to Inventory Control ‣ Serial Numbers/Lots.

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  • Best Before Date: This is the date on which the goods with this serial number start degrade, without being dangerous yet.
  • End of Life Date: This is the date on which the goods with this serial number may become dangerous and must not be consumed.
  • Removal Date: This is the date on which the goods with this Serial Number should be removed from the stock.
  • Alert Date: This is the date on which an alert should be notified about the goods with this serial number.

Putaway Strategy:

A putaway strategy is subsequent to removal strategies but changes the destination location. Putaway strategies are defined at the location level (unlike removal strategies which are defined at the product level). At that time you can move the products from the receiving location to a distinct location. In putaway strategy products automatically move to their relevant destination location. 

Firstly you can enable multi-locations and advanced routing from the inventory apps.

Now you can create a putaway strategy from Inventory -> Configuration -> Locations
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Now you can click on the ‘create and edit’  button to create a new put away strategy.  At the same time you purchase products with those categories, they will automatically be transferred to the correct location.
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