Project, Task & Timesheet

(Allow users to manage project and task of employers)

Features of Project & task

Following are the some of the important features of Project & Task

– It is timesheet, task and employee management.

– Easy to create timesheet by the login.

– A user can easily view their timesheet accordingly per day.

– Sign in/sign out option is available.

– An employee can login only through the internal network of the company.

– Easy to track employee working hour by admin and manager.

– Paid holiday and national holidays in the timesheet.

– Timesheet Approval.

When creating a new user, suppose timesheet manager then check “Timesheet Manager” checkbox.

If creating timesheet user then check “Timesheet User” checkbox.

Timesheet in Odoo

1. Log in as an employee

Timsheet 2

2. To Create timesheet

Select Timesheet menu under Timesheet Menu select weekly submenu.

Timesheet in Odoo 10

Once a timesheet is created user can see all timesheet under “My Timesheets” menu.

timesheet 4 1

If you open particular timesheet and click on “Sign In/Sign Out Details” tab, you can see the total sign in and sign out details.

timesheet 5

Click on “Total Time” tab, you can see Total time per day.

timesheet 6

3. Warning Message

When user filing his working time in the timesheet, and that time is greater than total time per day then it shows the popup message to the user and he cannot allow saving the timesheet until he entering correct time.

timesheet 7

timesheet 1

timesheet 2

Now, enter correct time in the timesheet.

timesheet 3 2

4. Timesheet to Approve

When the timesheet is ready to send the manager. Click on “Submit to Manager” button.

timesheet 4 2

After sending timesheet to the manager

timesheet 11

5. Login as Timesheet Manager

Go to Timesheet menu select “Timesheet to Approve” submenu.

Here manager can see all timesheets that waiting for approval.

timesheet 5 1

There are two buttons in “waiting for approval” state:(only visible to manager)

If a manager wants to approve timesheet, then click on “Approve” button. It sends email to the employee about his timesheet is approved.

Else click on “Reject” button to reject the timesheet. It sends email to the employee about his timesheet is rejected and also send email to project manager.

timesheet 13

After Approval:

timesheet 14

After Rejection:

timesheet 15

6. Odoo Warning

An employee cannot enter time for next day and previous day. Only today’s time he can enter.

timesheet 1 1

7. Login as Accountant

Go to Payroll menu. Select “Approved Timesheets” submenu.

timesheet 2 1

8. Subtask

timesheet 3 3

timesheet 4 3

timesheet 5 2

Note: The only Manager can create task and employee see only those tasks that are assigned to him.

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