Warranty Registration and claim module will allow your customer purchase product with warranty subscription. If the product got purchased with warranty customers can claim their warranty from the website and it will create a ticket in the system. These tickets are managed by a support manager and he/she can assign another team/ person to manage the issue or provide services.

Key Features

  • Configurable warranty on any product in Odoo.
  • The system will create a warranty registration automatically when you confirm Sales order and if the system found
  • the product allow warrant subscription
  • The system will set warranty registrations or warranty cards on contract related to that sales order.
  • The customer can access and see warranty they got subscribed via the website
  • Allow customers to claim request directly from the website my account.
  • Management of claim or ticket is backed by support/claim management team.
  • Print warranty cards and send to your customer
  • Complete management of claim request.

Administrator Login:
Product Configuration:
If a product set to warranty enabled product following configuration has to be done.
There are two types of warranty is available, Free and Paid Warranty.
If it is paid warranty the price need to be added.

Product Configuration

Warranty Subscription Product:
When customer purchase a product which warranty is enabled then he/she has to add warranty subscription product to order line for the subscription of respective product warrant. The following images show product for warranty subscription.

Warranty Subscription Product

User Login:
Sale Order Creation:
When the user logged in he/she is able to make a sale order as follows.
The recurring period is based on if the product warranty is allowed to renew then the period for recurrence has to be mentioned in the Sales Order.

Sale Order Creation

Analytical Account in SO:
It is mandatory that user has to select the analytical account for sale order to get register with warranty. When user register to portal simultaneously there will be an analytical account created on the username.

Analytical Account in SO

Warranty Subscription View
When the user confirming sale order then a record will be created under the customer warranty menu with product details. The customer can see all the warranty subscribed by him/her under this menu.

Warranty Subscription View

Warranty Subscription in Analytical Account
When sale order confirmed then in customers analytical account under warranty tab the warranty record will be added.

Warranty Subscription in Analytical Account

Warranty Card:
The user can print the warrant card by clicking the print button and it will be as follows.

Warranty Card

Website View in User Login:
In user login under the account, the following view will be listed. Here users can view their warranty(s) subscribed for different products.

8 1

Warranty List view in website
When clicking “Your warranties” it will be redirected to the following page.

Warranty List view in website

Onclick of the button “Claim Your Warranty” will redirect to warranty claim form.

In claim form, the user has to enter all the information including the brief description of issues/ claim reason and select warranty number from drop down which display all warranty subscribed by the respective customer. Then the remaining details related to warranty gets filled automatically.

10 1

Warranty Claim Form Submit
When the user submits the claim to form the following window will appear with the ticket number which implies a ticket is created in backend based on warranty claim form.

img 11

Administrator Login:
Ticket Management:
The ticket which generated from the website will be created under the helpdesk menu as follows:

12 1

Project Assignment:
Admin has to assign a project in the name of the user which is created during user creation.

13 1

Ticket Creation:
Admin has to create the task based on the issues on the ticket and assign the person to work on it. So the person who works on it will update timesheet based on work he does.

Ticket Creation

Timesheet to Invoice:
If the customer doesn’t purchase in prepaid working hours then the time duration which takes for completing the task will be invoiced based on price per hour and if he has any purchased hours the time during will deduct from it and there will not any invoice generation scenario.

Timesheet to Invoice

The above window shows that particular timesheet needs to be invoiced and admin can create the invoice by selecting the record and click action -> Make Invoice -> Click Create Invoice.
In the case of multiple timesheets are created for same or different tasks under the same project then these timesheets will be added as invoice line instead of creating the new invoice, this will happen only when there will be an invoice generated and it is in draft state.

Invoice in Ticket:
All invoices related to this ticket will be linked to the Invoices smart button
If the warranty is paid warranty, then the time of ticket got created from claim form it also creates the invoice based on warranty price from product configuration and invoice will be linked to the ticket.

Invoice in Ticket

Ticket Report:
Admin can print the detailed report of each ticket generated in helpdesk module using Print -> Ticket Report.

Ticket Report

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