POS with Serial Number and Expiry Date

1. Add Product with Lot number, expiry date, and quantity in the purchase order.

Odoo POS 1

2. The same lot will be saved in Serial Number as the record.

Odoo POS 2

3. The quantity we can see here.

Odoo POS 3

4. In the Stock moves also we can refer the lot number after processing order in point of Sales.

Odoo POS 4

5. Add product, customer, and select serial number.

Odoo POS 5

6. Add Serial Number here.

Odoo POS 6

7. Select Customer here.

Odoo POS 7

8. Click on the payment button.

Odoo POS 8

9. Process payment.

Odoo POS 9

10. Validate payment after validating we can check the quantity and stock moves in the warehouse and compare.

Odoo POS 10

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