Odoo Debranding V11
Odoo Debranding is a tool to remove the Odoo promotions and links and replace it with your custom details. Dialogues, popup windows, social icons, footer, header, and all related stuff can be changed with your company data. Odoo Debranding plays an important role in building a personal relationship between a Customer and the Product. Its main motive is to make your product reachable to the customers by emphasizing less on its corporate prospect.

Planet Odoo Debranding Kit module is simple and easy to use. This Debranding module helps you to quickly change the look of Odoo software and it is easy to customize them with Logo and other branding changes. Odoo Debranding helps you to change almost every area of Odoo visuals, delivering a brand new customized website. this helps you to give a personal touch based on your organization color coding or logo or themes which you normally use.

Considering the debranding aspect of a product we have introduced our module “Odoo Backend Debranding”. This module is the base debranding module that allows you to change the look and feel of Odoo. You can change the company logo, tagline, favicon, page title, etc. As well, you have the authority to configure all the settings on your own from the backend. After installing this module you can change the websites, favicon, logo, page title and even you can also replace the text. This module also gives the flexibility of removing “Powered By Odoo” from backend footer.

Odoo Backend V11 Debranding Features:
1. Deletes Odoo label in the footer

2. Replaces “Odoo” in page title

3. Replaces “Odoo” in help message for an empty list

4. Deletes Documentation, Support, About links

5. Replaces default logo by empty image (This will be set from settings/System parameter in debug mode).

6. Replaces “Odoo” in Dialog Box

7. Replaces “Odoo” in strings marked for translation.

8. Replaces default favicon to a custom one

9. **Hides Apps menu** (by default, only admin (superuser) can see Apps menu. You could change it via tick “Show Modules Menu” in the user’s access rights tab)

10. Disables server requests to odoo.com (publisher_warranty_url)

11. Deletes “My odoo.com account” button

12. Deletes Apps and other blocks from the Settings/Dashboard

13. Replaces “Odoo” in the planner

14. Replaces footer in a planner to a custom one.

15. Deletes “Odoo” in a request message for permission desktop notifications

16. Activate developer mode from here

17. Update Odoo titles on Error Dialogues


  • Delete Odoo label in the footer
  • Replaces “Odoo” in page title

1 2

  • Deletes documentation, support about links.
  • Replace default logo by your company logo.
  • Deletes “Myodoo.com” account button.

2 2

  • Replace Odoo in the dialog box.

3 3

  • Delete Apps and other blocks from the Settings/Dashboard
  • Active developer mode from here.

4 2

  • Update Odoo titles on Error Dialogues.

5 2

  • Replace “Odoo” in help message for an empty list.
  • Deletes “Odoo” in a request message for permissions desktop notifications.

6 2

  • By default, the module replaces “Odoo” to “Your Company/Tag”.
  • Set company logo, title, name and tag from here
  • Replaces default favicon to a custom one.

To configure module open Settings\\System Parameters and modify
– backend_debranding.new_title (put space in value if you don’t need Brand in Title)
– backend_debranding.new_name (your Brand)
– backend_debranding.favicon_url
– backend_debranding.planner_footer

7 3

To buy Planet Odoo Debranding kit in version 11, Click here.  If you are looking for Odoo implementation or any other services related to Odoo contact us here or Feel free to connect with us on info@planet-odoo.com

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