Odoo ERP Customization Service

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We introduce by helping you understand the difference between Odoo ERP customization and normal Odoo ERP package configuration. As part of a normal ERP implementation many parameters, fields, and workflows can be configured to match your company’s requirements however when customization is required, we offer the level of technical sophistication needed to achieve a successful outcome at lower costs than competing firms. Our solution stretches end-to-end, covering both the Odoo Community, as well as Odoo Enterprise versions. It includes everything from Tiny ERP, OpenERP to Odoo Community 12 and Odoo Enterprise 8 to the latest Odoo Enterprise 12. Odoo ERP Customisation includes new Custom Module Development if the module is not available on the community edition.

Planet Odoo” has provided customized solutions based on Odoo for a number of verticals. Odoo is an open source application with the high customization capabilities from ERP to CRM, E-commerce, CMS, POS, Accounting and even more. The first and foremost factor in the customization decision is the knowledge of the existing systems and processes. If the ERP solution seekers are well versed with their existing systems and understand what exactly is needed, half the bridge is crossed.


Requirement Analysis:

We go through this step to understand what the client expects from the required customization. Planet Odoo offers Odoo Customization services to different Businesses and Organization as per respective business workflow. We decipher complete workflow of client’s business in detail before initiating any customization in Odoo.

GAP Analysis:

We sit with each of our clients and try to understand what are their expectations, what their current situation is and where the gap is. With correct analysis, we try to fix the critical issues and enable the business to take control of their Odoo ERP solution, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Prioritize Business Needs:

ERP customizations must contribute to overall satisfaction and buy-in of employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, etc. Clients are many a time not aware of the points that can be ignored and the points that are critical and that is why we create a prioritization list and then focus on critical points for delivery.

Why Choose Planet Odoo?

Planet Odoo employs a team with a wide range of knowledge and experiences in Odoo and its verticals.  Planet Odoo team will meet with the client to hear the client’s vision and offer input to help client’s company to accomplish its business goals. Then, once a strategy is finalized, Planet Odoo Team will get to work create a custom Timeline for the project to achieve your company’s vision and business needs in an appealing way.

As Official Odoo Partners, Planet Odoo embraces a collaborative approach to meet your needs. We provide cost-effective ERP solutions and Odoo apps for accelerating the workflow of companies/organization across the world. Planet Odoo has knowledge and expertise for Odoo version 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Community and Enterprise edition. We have an excellent experience of seven years working in Odoo ERP Implementation, Configuration, Customization, Integration, Data Migration, and Website Development.

At Planet Odoo customization is done to fulfill the client’s requirements rather than asking the client to adjust his expectations to fit the requirements. Customization can be handled fully or partially through existing Odoo apps from the app store. Our Odoo Experts will build your desired outcome into the reality that will make a huge change in your business growth. 

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If you are looking for Odoo implementation or any other services related to Odoo contact us here or Feel free to connect with us on info@planet-odoo.com

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