What is Social Marketing : Social marketing is marketing designed to create social change, not to directly benefit a brand. Using traditional marketing techniques, it raises awareness of a given problem or cause, and aims to convince an audience to change their behaviors. The most common use of social marketing in today’s society is through social media.

Social Marketing in Odoo : To socially connect everyone uses social media platforms. From this social media you can get every information you need throughout the world. For your awareness social media platforms play an important role in your life. We all are online, from employees to workers, from clients to service providers. With the Social Marketing module, Odoo offers us a great way to simplify this process. With the help of the module, we connect the accounts of our social media channels directly with Odoo and control our content easily from the ERP system. 

There are three access rights in Odoo V15 Social Marketing Module.

  1. User without access rights : The module is not visible in the dashboard.
  2. User with the access right  : Social Poster has access to the overview of the social media channels connected to Odoo as well as to the posts. 
  3. Users with the access right : Social Manager have the full access to the module and can additionally manage the social media channels connected to Odoo.

Features of the Social Marketing Module : Let’s have a look at them.

  • Live Chat Request : With this feature you can engage website visitors in conversation you can directly influence the visitors of your accounts and make them your customers through campaigns. They will receive your message on their next action on a tracked page.
  • Online Visitors : You can Get an accurate list of your website’s visitors, and later you can reach them via email, SMS, push notifications, or Live Chat requests. To generate into leads.
  • Feed : You can add streams, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, to your dashboard so that you can monitor your accounts, interact with your community, and get insights.
  • Push notifications : Through this feature you can send web push notifications to your website’s subscribed visitors.
  • Send and Schedule post : You can send and schedule your post directly for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Track Revenue and leads from a link : You can track the journey of a link from a post, and you can get instant information about how much revenue that link generates as for how many leads.

To use this module, this module should be installed in your Odoo database. If this is not installed then go to the Odoo App store and install it from there. Right now this module is installed for me. So I will just click on this module icon and go to its dashboard. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Above screenshot is the dashboard of the Social Marketing Odoo Module. You can see the added streams that can be tracked in the feed. There is another menu for the New Post. With this you can create a new post. You can see the four tabs in the menu also such as Feed, Posts, Campaigns, Visitors and Configuration. We will discuss each in detail.

Feed : When you click on the feed, you can see the screenshot below. And you can see the various streams on the connected accounts are visible. On these pages, we can track the operations and also communicate with the social media community.

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When you click on the “Add A Stream Button” it will ask you to add it with the social media accounts. Such as : 

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You can select the social media platform to add in a Stream.

Posts : With this menu you can build new Social Media posts. When you click on this tab you will come to the new window as you can see in the screenshot below.

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With this create button you can create a new post. So let’s create a new post with the help of the create button and a new window popup.

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c ZNEka0HRkQ0JcORqMHFCoja0w86PEo oDnPEc2CvLBRzWnx4GXArGJldZ70GnMbpeDma9ZNGVO3emFzSyF1bwzO2mmzEiglUb6loaneBQtABfehggCUv0z2MmWjLoYiZD39 VG

You can see the various fields in the screenshot above.

Company : In this field you have to add a name of the company.

Post On : For this you can click on the checkbox as per your choice.

Message : What message you would like to write. In this section you can write a message for your post.

Attach Image : You can attach an image with this field which you want to upload for the post.

Campaign : You can add a campaign here, for this you can select from the drop down list. 

When : It means when you want to post. Now or later. You can select as per your choice.

Notification Title : In this field you have to mention the notification title.

Target URL : In this field you have to mention targeted URL.

Icon Image : What will be the icon of the post. For this you can use an icon image.

Preview Your Post : With this you can see how your post looks like when it posts on a social media platform.

When you fill in all the fields click on the save button. You can see the status of the post via draft, scheduled, posting and Posted button. After saving the form you can post this with the “Post Button”.

Campaigns : You can create campaigns with this menu. When you click on this tab you will come to the new window.

In the above screenshot you can see the created campaign .This is the kanban view of the campaign. You can create a new campaign with the help of the create button. The variation of the dashboard will be in accordance with the phases. If required, the stages can be edited, folded, or removed. You can see this view in the list also. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

In the list view you can see the details like Name of the Campaign, Responsible, Stage and Tags.

Now let’s create a new campaign with the help of the create button and a new window will appear.

gHtIYkHKA4Xkhr7b5EqV1tYL RsE X2jEDfYH07gM76C7I7Kmqh8YBHBq dZ6 I a7xOSM XQRVBRj1wAy7MSNBly7cfOoYnW0lClFZ pUd6

In the above screenshot you have to fill in the details in the fields and then save the form. You have to fill in the name of the campaign, you have to mention the name of the person who is responsible for this campaign and add tags.

After saving you can post it in your social media account with the help of the “Send Social Post Button”. You can also send it as Push notifications from here itself with the help of the “Push Notification Button”.

Visitors :  When you click on this menu you will come to the new window.

Above screenshot is the kanban view of the visitors . You can see the details such as name of the visitor, Last Action time , visited pages, number of visits, lead/opportunities, and registrations. This table shows the interactions for monitors. Through this you can take action on visits and enhance the production of leads. In addition you can save data like related partners and countries. You can initiate communication with them via SMS or email when the contact has been made.

You can see this in List and Graph view also.

List View 

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Graph View 

Configuration : When you click on the configuration menu you can see the drop down list with the options such as Social Media, Social Accounts and Social Streams. The user can configure social media accounts of the company to the platform in the social marketing module. This feature will help the users to function with these social media accounts on the various marketing as well as promotional aspects of the company. Let’s talk about every option which contains configuration. 

H8oLiGi2X1hPmixhNxnY dX6gI4gtQdGtbtHcVkZT0CFHKDY1vsFdzsxVhYEC2gp3khGJd
  1. Social Media : You can connect the account with an active Odoo Subscription on social media. Through this we can easily track and schedule posts on different social media sites. 
  1. Social Accounts : When you click on the social accounts you will come to the new window. For reference you can see the screenshot below.
wQMxXFU 6OsxJ0VnhFRy3EWBJbTU7ctGCEF0bLiUlB1QYaR0GRK1lIRl472SA XocmOazwpmwiv 0xb 5thxBLLmwuMFxFLxMwMWpTE4vQHYvYRn4q4 jtowS6QA 9iwemSNAiyw
  1. Social Streams : When you click on the social streams from the configuration tab you will come to the new window as shown below.
bvys DhQILXx9XmwfIbc5prEHv1xNSkNqk7 NqHJKGUVFGK73GJgRXNnPsJ2O9P6s8v XGx0UHvFPkRq07tXXJOF7dzZJ7Efa63HLecqhdAPERfzXvIO0usbFQW

Right now this is blank because of no social streams added. 
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