What is Fleet : A group of vehicles (especially taxis, buses or aircraft) especially commercial vehicles. 

Fleet Management System : In an ERP framework, there is a module called fleet management which assists to manage fleets and transportation divisions efficiently. 

Fleet Management in Odoo allows transportation companies to attain a series of specific tasks relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles.

Odoo fleet covers all the aspects of fleet management. It keeps records of the vehicle, odometer value, costs, contracts, fuel logs and service logs of each vehicle. Moreover it provides reports in a better way that users can understand the status at a single glance. It also provides indicative costs.

Now the vehicle management is not restricted to just monitoring a vehicle. But it takes a step further into comprehensive fleet management which allows you to view every critical information about the vehicle from your computer screen. It includes details related to vehicle location coverage, fuel consumption, maintenance details, and so on.

So, if you are running a business that provides services like relocation, traveling, or intercity commute assistance then moving from manual vehicle management to Odoo Fleet Management Software can do wonders for you.

The solution is geared with a deep level of customization so that it solves your precise business challenges and helps you grow your business with the assistance of technology.

There can be different types of fleet management. The first one is fleet management companies. For them, their entire business is related to fleet management.

The second type of fleet management is the fleet operations managed by other industries. 

In this blog we will deeply study about every parameter of the fleet Module in Odoo V15, let’s begin the blog.

To use Fleet Module, this should be installed in the Odoo database. If this module is not installed for you then go to the Odoo Apps and install from there. Fleet Module is already installed for me, so I will go to the Odoo database and click on the Fleet Module icon and go to its dashboard. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Odoo 15 Fleet dashboard consists of Fleet, Configuration, and Reporting features. All these help develop Contracts, Manufacturers, Odometers, Vehicle Models, Services, and Model Categories.

The stages are Registered, To Order, Ordered, New Request, Reserve, Waiting List and Downgraded. You can find the complete information about the vehicle here and if you want to add more columns then you do this via Add a Column button. You can find this visible in Kanban view, list view and pivot table. Creating an icon enables developing a new vehicle model. You can add a new title by clicking on the + icon near each stage.

Contracts : A record of Contracts is provided in the fleet contract system of companies. You can find this feature under the fleet tab. When you click on the Fleet tab you can see the drop down list and select Contracts from there. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the Contracts menu a new window will open. In this window you can see all the contracts list which are already created. In the Contracts window, you can see the Contract Name, Driver, Start Date, Vendor, Status, Expiration Date, and vehicle details. It is feasible to add a new Contract list by clicking on Add Custom Field. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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If you want to see the detailed view of the contract then click one of them. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Here you can see the options like Contract Information, Vehicle Information, Responsible person name, Invoice Date, and Included Services. Activation Cost, Depreciated amount, Type, Company name, and Vendor covered in Contact Information. Name of Driver and Vehicle states in Vehicle Information section. In addition, the Start Date and Expiration Date of Contract rely on the Invoice Date option. The Tax roll, Interests, and Depreciation depict in Included Services. If you want to change information in this form then you can easily perform this by Edit Button.

If you want to create a new contract then you can do this easily with the help of the create button. Simply click on the “Create Button” and a new form will open. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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You can enter information about the Contract, Vehicle, Included Services, Terms and Conditions, and so on. Inside the Contract details, provide the names of the Responsible Person, Vendor, Reference, and Company. You have the option of selecting a contract type such as leasing, omnium, or vehicle repair.

The Activation Cost is paid just once at the time of contact information, and you can enter the Activation Cost for the Vehicle. Following that, enter the Depreciation Cost Frequency for the vehicle contract in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and other aspects. Along with the Contract Details, insert the Depreciation Cost.

DPPkzjhGYoKY1NBgZpPbvGxIwFo3TYKc7qbO1y9Mcz3hvE3WKEu90MuIGpDD56zcDBOgujcH2hynyttdBp AfYupGV1 yxUmQ88t9cyM5 T2mmXNsgeOSsXtMXPnHyls4 oUlQ6E

You can enter the Vehicle’s name, and the Driver will appear immediately in the Vehicle Information. The cost executed date is referred to as the Invoice Date, and you can select a date from the calendar. The Contract Start Date is the start date of the contract coverage, and the Contract Expiry Date is the end date of the contract coverage. The majority of the contracts terminate after one or two years. You can enter these dates in the Vehicle Information section.

In the included Services you can tag additional services provided to consumers as well as current ones. 

When all the information is filled in the form you can click on the Save button to save the information in the form.

This contract is already created with the other created contacts. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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This is the kanban view of the contracts. The Kanban window displays the vehicle’s model, contract date, vendor, and contract status.


This is the graph view of the contracts. Graph view shows the Cost of the Vehicle on X-axis and Date on Y-axis. The number of vehicles is denoted by different colors, and charts are available in Pie/Line/Bar formats. You may also use the Measure icon to apply Recurring Cost, Cost, and Depreciated Cost Amount to the Graph. 

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This is the Pivot view of the Contracts. The Pivot window represents a pivot table with the total Count of Contracts for each car model. You can find the details likewise count, year, contract name, and car model are possible via a pivot table. The Insert in Spreadsheet icon can be used to add a spreadsheet to the Pivot table. Using the Measure button, you may insert many measures into the Pivot table.

This feature was added in Odoo V15. Users can schedule an activity related to Contracts. For this you click on the activity icon on the contracts pan. In the Contracts pane, click the Schedule activity button and choose your Contract. Then, specify the Activity Type as Call, Email, Meeting, To Do, Reminder, and other details. Choose a due date, assign someone, and write a synopsis of your activity. In a box, type a message about the scheduled activity and click the Schedule icon. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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We can design an Activity type using Call, Reminder, Email, and meeting. Additionally, you can set a Reminder, Contract revenue date, To Do, Upload document, and request Reconciliation. 

Above screenshot is a newly generated activity.

Services : You can find this menu under the Fleet tab. When you click on the Fleet tab then you can select services for the drop down list.For reference you can see the screenshot below. 

When you click on the services you can see the list of services which are already created. You can see the name of Driver, Vehicle, Vendor, Date, Cost, Processing Stage, and Service type in the List view of a window. 

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If you want to see the detailed information about the particular service then click on one of the titles and a new window will open which represents the information respectively.


In this window you can find the details like Date, Vendor, Cost, Vehicle name, Odometer Value, and Service type. Service progress of a Fleet is also visible such as New, Running, Done and Canceled. You can also Send a message, and Log notes to followers of Service Type.

How to create a New Service : For this you can click on the create button. When you click on the “Create Button” a new window will open, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

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In this window you can enter Description, vehicle, service type Cost, Deliver, and Vendor details. In the notes section users can add additional information about the Service. After feeling all the required details click on the Save button. And the newly created Service is visible in the Services window of the Odoo Fleet dashboard.

fL4j3QsCpm0nYJJYeELlyERKgIBBFHEhhY8DzdAjHSdiAixOantqX1F58smmFae9D7oe5TAbRjXAcsvZicSLyUVRH2dawGbU AGOvag IiVLtdWtRKJQJTlxAxl4SW rbjv9fEQW

Above highlighted image is the new service which was recently created.

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This is the kanban view of the services. You can generate a new service by clicking on +icon near to stage title. 

Odometers : You can find the Odometers menu from the fleet tab. When you click on the fleet tab you can see the drop down menu and you can select odometers from there. For reference you can see the screenshot below.


When you click on the odometers you will come to the new window. In this window you can see the list of Odometers which are already created. In this window you can see the details such as Date, vehicle, driver, odometer value and unit.

v1XyxPuCv Yns1Ry9nf0VVvOgwYYNxi6dg7s7J0JRtES92L0ToPUdMjVswEG05MtzRb2LlbH1ERUwf VJU9FjtNqoLzfWugM3CbSNEdae9wQJaeJWKgFyB90MQpU6H3e mqMfr

You can create a new Odometer with the help of the create button. 

Manufacturers : The products invented by a registered company or a particular person are manufacturers. Manufacturers create things that are invented by a recognized company or a specific person. An effective manufacturing process is necessary to run the vehicles safely. 

This module assists the users to add manufacturers for their vehicle. You can find manufacturers under the configuration tab. When you click on the configuration tab you will see the drop down menu and you can select the manufacturer from there. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Bmyf6HAunVSQBwTJMrLk J3z7lWI3rwMOcRwGKFkEAdzoF0iHXr70guPutBJuTw3AAfA0wxd93w9B7nW1fUvridkNbRcwlTotmwv0jb1 pjIGlupNVtgvE2ojgltfPqbZy2IuVDI

When you click on the Manufacturer menu a new window will appear. In this window you can see the list of all the created manufacturers. If you want to create a new one then you can do this via “Create Button” as shown in the screenshot below.

4tMtr2mCZmZ7FhHLoXC0d25uvy6yO4DPrJ7FFYLIPYi19tq7rP3gFRwr qhbVwksKVnW8XGylIzi0Dcs6oB1DAhGJPTRYYRQVidNBytwckS By4 6rY4G4dwEpcTmM9OPdyhDDOH

This is the kanban view of the manufacturers. In this window you can see the name, number of models and image of a particular manufacturer. The three-dot button next to the car model takes you to information on individual Manufacturers.

For creating a new manufacturer click on the create button and a new window will appear. Provide the manufacturer’s name and add an image at the right side of the window and save the form. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

zxoIyNOy18EDy56o2VfczD3k5OXYO1VZ06Lz2zYBjbS34QGpeZkBGAdSWKtzz1 uXybZYsPjqowZhaDAPURAQnJZ3GnTJA4tHEJkBfZfmiMaXevHldFs43b2OBS igrkXylPpNyG
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This is how you can create a new manufacturer. 

It is an easy solution to generate several Contracts regarding the repairing and maintenance of your Vehicle through the Fleet module.

This is the brief overview of the Fleet module in Odoo V15. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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