In the previous blog, we discuss that what Odoo 11 is bringing. With the features of:

Odoo Warehouse Management System(WMS): Picking form improvements, changes in delivery slips, variants menu entry.
Odoo Subscription: Onboarding, adding tags on self-subscriptions.
Odoo Accounting: Revenue recognition usability improvements.

New global search in the home page.
Keyboard shortcuts: Details on the top right menu on the home page.
New website dashboard
Purchase: Manage purchase agreement, blanket.

The quick overview of Odoo version 11 with the following expected improvements:
Service: timesheet, revenue/cost computation, timesheet grid UX improvement, timesheet dashboard

Acuity scheduling(Online appointment scheduling software): Online appointment, SMS integration, phone validation.

Salary package configuration: โ€œCafeteria Planโ€ as an employee, configure yourself your salary package based on an employer cost. Select advantages according to your needs.

Organisation chart: Have a quick look at the position of any employees from the employee formย Match payment with several invoices.

Prevent negative invoice: The goal is to prevent people using invoices to make a credit note ( a problem in the naming of the document but also in the reporting, the invoice is not in the correct menu, etc.).

Plan next activities: Configure a next activity workflow to automatically plan todos of your department.

Packages/packaging: The product packaging and the delivery packaging. We have created two menu entries, one for each feature and modified the views to make them more specific to the feature.

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