Why big companies use Open source solution?

Before we discuss on this let’s understand first the benefits big companies get by using open source solution :

  • OpenERP is cost-effective i.e. it cost less.
  • It provides security with no loopholes in the system which ensures proper stability during customization. The big corporates now know that there is little security transparency while using proprietary software as compared to the Open source.
  • Ability to move quickly and easily with the changes in the growing market and need of the company. This agility feature attracts big companies and business changes can be implemented in less amount of time.
  • Open source solution provides more desirable, satisfactory and better quality. Bugs are fixed quickly and features are added frequently as per requirement.
  • Customization is another benefit and very useful aspect for any business. Anybody using it can modify the source code as per the needs and usage.
  • Migration of data from one platform to another is easily possible.
  • Big companies indulge in manufacturing business can manage all manufacturing related tasks by using this rather to maintain in separate systems.
  • Facilitates collaboration of business departments. Simply because the data stored in the database is fed from the different departments of a business. The sharing of data make the business a compact unit.

Big companies and open source are two different aspects focusing on improving the technology and idea in the growing world. Open source offers to use the clients the latest technology with cost effective on the other hand big companies interrupt with the technology we use every day.

Todays not only small or start-ups companies go for open source solution but also big corporates or companies would like to adopt open source and this contribution helps them to change the scenario of their workflow. Now big companies are also using and promoting open source software.

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