Website Helpdesk Support Ticket and Issue Management
Helpdesk Support Ticket and Issue Management module allow customers to send support ticket request from the website and these tickets created in the backend. The customer can track the status of the ticket from the website and also possible to communicate with the support team. In this system monitoring and management done by support manager and support, the user manages tasks based on tickets.

Key Features

  • Your Customer can send support ticket/helpdesk request from the website and also attach documents.
  • Generation of the unique ticket on submission and record it as the ticket in the backend.
  • The customer can check the status of all support tickets submitted by him/her on the Account page.
  • Print PDF – Helpdesk Support Ticket
  • Support User / Technician can communicate with customers using getter and fill timesheet.
  • Support manager can manage or monitor all the tickets and he can assign a team or person to provide service based on the ticket.
  • Support Manager can close a ticket and send the bill to the customer.
  • The customer can give feedback.

Administrator Login:
Prepaid Hours Product Configuration
Admin has to add a product based on the configuration as shown below

Prepaid Hours Product Configuration

Product Attribute Configuration:
In the above product, three attributes under the attribute name to be added and the values are given as follows

Product Attribute Configuration

Support manager configuration :
Here setting up admin as support manager to manage helpdesk tickets. So give access to admin to support manager group. It is possible to add another user as the support manager for this example assigned admin as the support manager. So admin has both roles of administration and support manager.

Support manager configuration

User Configuration:
The user has to be assigned with support user group.

User Configuration

Customer Login:
Help-desk Ticket Form on the website:
When customer login to the system he can access ticket generation from the top menu “Helpdesk”. Then the following form will open and user needs to enter the form details then submit the form. Attachment is optional and the user can add images or pdf files as reference to the ticket.

Help-desk Ticket Form on website

Success Window:
When the customer’s ticket submitted successfully the following window will open with ticket number as reference to the ticket generated.

Success Window

Tickets in Customer account:
The customer can see all the tickets generated by his/her on the account page, it shows the number of tickets created by the user.

Tickets in Customer account

Ticket list view:
Onclick on “Your Tickets” will be redirected to a list view of all ticket created by the respective customer.

Ticket list view

Ticket detailed view:
The customer can access the detailed view of the ticket by clicking the ticket number from ticket list view then the following page will be open. In this window, the user is allowed to add more attachment related to this ticket and click on send to get added with this ticket.

Ticket detailed view

Feedback form:
The customer can give feedback to the team. In ticket detailed view there is a button to do that, also user able to send the message to support manager(here Admin) using the message window.

Feedback form

Customer feedback form:

Customer feedback form

Adding Prepaid Hours to Customer:
The customer has to create a sale order to get prepaid working hours to his profile.
In this following sale order, user added 10+5 hours and it will we added to his/her profile.

12 2

Customer Profile:

Customer Profile

Support Manager (Admin) Login:
Help-Desk Window:
The ticket which created from the website will be added under Helpdesk menu. Then admin has to add project name as in the name of user/ customer name to the respective tickets.

Support Manager (Admin) Login

Updated User Prepaid Hours:
In the ticket created by the user, the prepaid hours will be added based on his purchase in every ticket generated by that user.

Updated User Prepaid Hours

Task and Timesheet:
Support manager has to create the task based on ticket created. Then assign a person who needs to work on that task. This person takes control of issue/service requested by the customer and needs to create the timesheet in this task based on time duration to resolve it.

 Task and Timesheet

Timesheet in Ticket:
All the timesheet associated with different tasks in this ticket will appear in timesheet tab of ticket view. So based on timesheet duration that will be deducted from the customer account and reflect in ticket view.

Timesheet in Ticket

In the case user doesn’t have any prepaid hours then this time sheet will be added to “Timesheet to Invoice” and admin has to select timesheet and follow this step -> Action -> Make Invoice -> Create Invoice. This invoice will be added to the respective ticket to the timesheet.

Additional Invoice Line:
If in the case of any additional resources or services used for the resolution of this ticket that has to be added this line and has to create the invoice for this by clicking “Create Invoice” button.

Additional Invoice Line

Stages and Closing the Ticket:
Update stages by selecting stage from ticket view based on task progress. If all the task is completed then need to close the ticket. Before closing the ticket all the invoices associated with this task should be in the paid state. Once the task is closed it allows reopening based on customer request.

Ticket Report:
Support Manager able to print a detailed report of the ticket by selecting ticket and follow this step
Print->Ticket Report

ticket report

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