In Odoo V15 Point of Sale application, you can manage multiple cashiers. “Cash flow” is, essentially, a process used to describe how much cash you have on hand at any given time. The seller can set the security pin/password and barcode badge for the particular cashier from the back end. To manage multiple cashiers, you need to have several users (at least two).


To configure the log in with employees feature, Go to POS Module ==> Configuration ==> Settings button and check log in with employees on your PoS form. At that time, you can add the employees that have access to the cash register.

image 60

At this time, you can switch between the cashiers easily.

There are three ways to manage several cashiers: Switch cashier without any pin code / security, Switch cashier with pin code, Switch cashier with cashier barcode badge.

Switch cashier without any security:

First of all, you can create a user for Point of Sale from the Settings -> Users menu. At that time you can assign the access rights for the user. After the user is created, you can start POS sessions.

Now go to the dashboard and create a new session by clicking on the ‘New Session’ button.

image 61

At the same time, you click on the name, a new window will have appeared which will display the list of cashiers.  Now you can easily change the cashier name by clicking on the name.  At that time you can switch to another cashier.

image 62

The name on the top has changed which means you have changed the cashier.

image 63

Switch cashier with pin code

Now you can also set a pin code on each user. At that time you can change the cashier only after entering a correct Pincode. In the user access rights management form, you can set the Pincode for the cashier. 

To do so, go to Settings->Manage Access rights and select the user.

4 3

Now you can edit the cashier and add a security pin code on the Point of Sale tab then click on the Save button.

image 65

At this time you will have to insert the user’spin code then no one user can not be able to continue this form without entering Pincode. 

image 66

Switch cashier with cashier barcode badge

Now you can also ask your cashiers to log themselves in with their badges. You can set the barcode for the cashier by clicking on the Setting button.  Back where you put a security PIN code, you could also put a barcode.

image 68

To track your Cashiers 

With the Odoo PoS module you can effectively track and analysis your cashiers conveniently.

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