A (POS) Point of Sale system, is used to makes a payment for products or services at your store.

Odoo PoS is that the new smarter and economical manner of managing your retail stores. You will additionally scan on a way to put together PoS in Odoo fourteen to own an improved hand on the module.

The evaluation options are often of varied varieties. It may well be a worth discount applied manually, a restricted amount pricelist, seasonal discounts, loyalty programs, and so on. A summary of applying varied evaluation methods on checkouts by exploiting Odoo PoS, Point of Sale.

Manual Discount:

Firstly you have to install the Odoo Point of Sale Module in your database.

In manual discounts, you have the chance to apply it to particular product.

If you want to apply manual discounts firstly, you have to select the (Shop / Bar) POS from the dashboard that you want to apply the discount. At that time you can open the settings via clicking on the three dots next to the shop.

image 29

After clicking on the Setting button, In the Pricing section you can tick the checkbox of Manual Discounts.

image 30

How it works:
After selected the Manual discount option then the Discount button will occur in your POS interface while the customer billing procedure as presented below.

>> Add product and then click on the discount button to add percentage discount in orderline.

image 31

Global Discount:

At that time you want to apply a discount on the entire order, go to Point of Sales => Configuration => Point of Sale and select your POS.

Once on your POS form, select Global Discounts, under the Pricing category.

Click on the box near to the Global discounts to activate the feature. You can select the Discount product from the Discount Product from the drop down list as shown below.

image 33

After clicking on the checkbox of Global Discount, now you can select the product from the list and apply the discount amount. Now, you have a new Discount button appearing on your POS terminal.

View of the button to use for global discount via the pos interface

To configure time-limited discounts:

The idea of a limited-time offer includes any types of deals, discounts or promotions a customer can receive when they make a purchase in a certain period of time. To enable this feature, you have to open the setting of Odoo PoS configuration. At that time you can change the pricelists.

To configure time-limited discounts, you need to tick the checkbox of Pricelists feature.

In the configuration tab, now you can configure the Pricelist feature from the Point of sales option. Once this feature has enabled, you must select the pricelists you want to make available in the POS and define a default one.

image 34

After click on the Pricelist feature, now you can check the all pricelist.

image 35

Now Let’s see how to create a pricelist:

To create the new pricelist you can fill the following details like Pricelist Name, Company, Products, Variations, Minimum, Price, Start date, Date Final.

image 38

Now you can click on it to immediately update the prices with the preferred pricelist. At that time, you can finalize the order.

image 39

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