Product lifecycle management (PLM) introduces the handling of a good as it proceeds over the usual stages of its product life: introduction and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and services of a product over the complete life cycle.

Along with manufacturing, to improve the procedure of information in the company, Odoo gives you with Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) module. Manufacturing design and production follow the ‘Engineering Change Order’ (ECO) form at any time there is a change request for tools, machines, processes, etc.

Odoo PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments


First of all, you can install the Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) module in your database.

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In Odoo 15 PLM is used to manage the Bill of Material(BoM) review and track product lifecycle based on Engineering Change Orders (ECO). Mostly, the PLM application acknowledges you to:

Now you can go to the PLM module -> and click on the Overview button to view all the Engineering Change Order (ECO) and the total number of changes on each ECO.

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After clicking on the Configuration button, you can create ECO Tags, ECO Types, and ECO stages.

image 30

To create the ECO types:

You can enter the following information to create the new ECO type: Name, Email Alias.

image 33

To create the ECO stage:

Now you can add many stages of the ECO type via adding columns.
Now you can see four stages in Engineering Change Orders like New, In Progress, Approval, and Effective.

  1. New: This field is used to creating new Engineering Change Orders (ECO).
  2. In progress: This field indicates when the Engineering Change Orders(ECO) are in progress.
  3. Approvals: This field is used to setting approval for a change for the corresponding officials. Approvals for stages can be set in stage settings. Here one can add both officials and approval types.
  4. Effective: This field is used at the same time ECO is confirmed. Now you can apply the checkbox: allow to apply changes, final stages and folded in kanban view. This stage will be marked as the final stage.
image 31

This is related to the CRM, Project modules in Odoo. But in this case, one can add an approval option for each stage.

image 32

To create ECO Tags:

image 34

To create a new Engineering Change Order (ECO):

Now you can go to the PLM dashboard and start the Engineering Change Order.

You can fill the following required fields like
>>You could have a description of the change

>>Apply on BoM or Routing OR both for a product that you may select

>>Now you can choose the ECO type.

>> In Effectivity field is used to display the date on which the changes should be applied.

After filling in all the required fields and saving the changes. At that time click on the Start Revision Button.

image 35

After clicking on the Start Revision button, now the user can allocate the documents to the PLM operations on the order by selecting the upload documents option available. Select the documents from the system and upload them to the platform.  

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