Odoo V15 Open source ERP is a framework that leads off an enterprise’s real growth potential by simplifying operational challenges and streamlining business workflows. Odoo Implementation is the service of implementing the Odoo modules and Odoo Apps, that is a suite of open-source enterprise management applications. 

By examining and handling your coordination data into a internal system, ERP solutions
help you handle and run your business more efficiently and support you with the best method to go about it.

Planet Odoo” has provided customized solutions based on Odoo for a number of verticals. Odoo is an open-source application with the high customization capabilities from ERP to CRM, E-commerce, CMS, POS, Accounting and even more. 

Using our expertise in developing solutions through Odoo’s ERP and enabling technology to work for you will
add tremendous value to your organization and increase productivity while making it easier to run your business.

At Planet Odoo customization is done to fulfill the client’s requirements rather than asking the client to adjust his expectations to fit the requirements. Customization can be handled fully or partially through existing Odoo apps from the app store. Our Odoo experts will build your desired outcome into the reality that will make a huge change in your business growth. 

Our Odoo ERP implementation service includes:

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Benefits of implementing our systems:

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We are having the experience of Odoo Customization and we are working in all modules in Odoo like sales, accounting, purchase, manufacturing, marketing also we have given more than 200 customized Odoo solutions to our client and they are happy to use it.

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In the process of implementing an ERP system, we meet following methodologies:

1.) Business analysis
Analysing of business and research requirement is the first step in the process of implementation. It helps in establishes the scope of the project and also helps in to find the exact cost of the project.
In this process, we find about the requirements, workflow, research and present a statement that is put forward as the premise to be maintained and proved. And also identify the current process,  document them and analysis other parameters with is required to implement the Odoo ERP.
After analyses the business processes of the client company we configure the solution according to the analysis.

2.) Project Planning
With the help of the project manager, we prepared a systematic sequencing of the requirements gathered, responsibilities and timeline of the project and according to the need of the clients we scheduled the tasks.
In project planning, we set the objectives and executing tasks as per the implementation plan and establishing proper system policies for maintaining and backing up data. And after all the planning we make the supportive plans.

3.) Solution design
In this phase of solution design, it not only improves the functionality of the business but also helps in to point out the barrier to approach a business integration problem.
After configuration and establishing parameters, we develop the system according to the analysis done. With Odoo ERP it is easy to ensure a business model into action and our aim is to transform objectives into real world solutions.

4.) Presentation of the system
After the testing of Odoo ERP system to ensure that business flows described in analysis document is fully covered we present it to the system. And now we can install and configure Odoo ERP to update and upgrade the source list and install all the latest updates.

5.) Go Live
As soon as ERP system goes into the live period we assure that all the requirements have been covered in a system so that it can run effectively and efficiently. The implementation team provides real-time support for any problems that arise in this process.

6.) Training
It is the time when all the tasks have been completed, we provide training to the users.With the proper training, the user can get started with the Odoo ERP and work at high productivity.
We provide training off-site and on-site as well. Our developers available for on-site helping the users or the clients in solving the problem that occurs in this process.

We use the above methodology in the implementation of Odoo ERP and this approach goes from the need of clients to Odoo solution.

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