Discuss is Odoo’s internal communication features which allows you to have private conversations as well as group chats and it’s also integrated with every Other Odoo app.

It will enhance your team’s communication as well as reduce internal emails. This is great because it’s common to have an overwhelming amount of email and with Discuss you can choose which conversation you would like to follow and you don’t have to worry about cc’ing people, it just works.

Let’s see how to do it now.

We are going to discuss new features which have been introduced in Odoo V15. So the new features I am going to discuss the improvements and Enhancements that Odoo brings in the discuss applications in Odoo V15. You already heard that Odoo V15 is coming with a variety of options in the discuss application. So the Odoo brings enhancements like Audio calls, Video Calls, and Screen sharing options. So this is the Odoo V15 that I am accessing from the Odoo runbot.

Okay so here you are on your main Dashboard and you’re going to go ahead and jump into the Discuss module.

image 71

Firstly you see is your main Inbox. Now I see that mine is empty. On the left panel you see inbox, starred messages. I don’t have any at the moment and three different categories: Channels. Direct Messages.

So the first channels is an outlet where you can have conversations with multiple people and you can categories these conversations however you would like by location, project, team, etc.

There are many options and we are going to look into that now by creating a new channel.

Automatically you have already have a #general channel but we’re going to create a new one just so you can see everything.

I am gonna create test and I can go to the configurations by clicking on this little settings on the right.

image 73

Now you can also change the Privacy Setting here
I can say that everyone can be a part of this channel, that only invited people can be a part of this channel or a selected group of users can be a part of this channel.

image 75

Now I’m going to choose selected group of users.

I’m going to say that only administration/access rights can see this channel so only people in this group can have access to this conversations.

image 74

So when I can click on this member tab the people who are a part of this group will automatically be added into the channel so I can see now that’s it is only me but if I had other users as a part of this group they would also appear on this tab. Now you can click on the Save button to save all the setting.

image 76

And so when you send a message here. Your user will receive an email from you and they will also be able to see it internally on their Odoo database.

image 77

After created the test channel at in the top you can see the variety of options like screen share, video calling, audio call, etc. Also you can add n number of peoples into the channels then you can start the audio calls, video calls as well as screen share options. So this is the good improvements that Odoo brings in Odoo V15.

image 83

So Let’s see how it work, Now you can open the another user here you can see this is the Mitchell Admin. In the chrome you can see I have logged in chrome

Now I create a new channel: Odoo Mates. I have to invite the peoples into this channel.

image 86

So I will invite Marc Demo. This green button indicate that the Marc Demo is online. Then I will tick on the check box of Marc Demo and invite in group chat.

image 87

So you can see Mitchell Admin invited Marc Demo to the channel.

image 88

So, if I need to wish to start the voice call so I can click on the below button.

image 89

So here you can see Mitchell Admin is calling and if you back you can see Mitchell Admin is calling and if you go back and you can see you have started the calling and how I already allowed access the permission to access my microphone as well as the video. So here you can see the page is accessing your microphone.

image 90

So If you have go back to the chrome and this is the Marc Demo and if Marc Demo needs to join the call and you can simple click on here. So here you can see right now we both are in the call.

So if you need to Mute your mic so here you can click on this below button to mute the mic.

image 92

Similar you need to add more persons into the call so you can invite from here.

So this is the calling functionality has been added in Odoo V15 Discuss Module. Suppose if you wish to switch the video call simply you can click turn on camera button.

image 93

Now you have the another option for screen sharing. Suppose you need to share your screen then you can simply click on the screen sharing button.

image 95

Then it will ask the whether have to share entire screen and then you can click on share button.

image 94

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