A barcode scanner, also termed a price scanner, is a device used to obtain and read the information controlled in a barcode. Barcodes are an easy way to improve your inventory management function; they improve the accuracy of your inventory records, allow for real-time updates, and crucially, make the data entry process as simple as possible. Barcodes are used for a variety of reasons including tracking products, prices, and stock levels for centralized recording in a computer software system. The key benefit of using barcodes within a small business (or, in fact, any business) is time savings.

>> Barcodes are both cost-effective and reliable.

>>Using a barcode system reduces employee training time. 

>>Barcodes provide asset & security tracking, theft deterrence, peace of mind, and a demonstrable reduction in loss/liability

>>Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print.

>>Barcodes provide an indispensable tool for tracking a variety of data, from pricing to inventory. 

The 3 types of barcode scanners suggested for working with Odoo inventory and barcode scanning apps are USB Scanners, Bluetooth Scanners, and Mobile Computer Scanners.

USB Scanners:

This scanner acknowledges you to automatically transfer information about a product to your computer system so that you can maintain track of earnings, place orders for new inventory, and pay attention to sales trends.

Also allows for USB hot-plugging so you can plug and unplug your scanner without turning off your computer.

Just make sure the scanner is compatible with your keyboard layout or may be configured to do so when you buy it.

Bluetooth Scanners:

This device is commonly a PC or laptop, the app this time itself as a Bluetooth keyboard and ‘taps’ the characters on the barcode. The app will scan barcodes effortlessly. The app will scan barcodes effortlessly. 

Mobile Computer Scanners:

Mobile computers come provided with a built-in barcode scanner, generally a laser scanner with other features to assure exact reading, but can do so much extra. It exists of a small computer with a built-in barcode scanner.

To configure barcode scanner:

image 14

A USB barcode scanner wants to be arranged to use the same keyboard layout as your operating system. In another way, your scanner will not translate characters accurately (eg replacing ‘a’ with ‘q’).

The USB barcode scanner does not require a battery. Comparatively, all the power comes directly from the computer port.

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