Odoo V13 | Upcoming New Features in Odoo

Odoo is specific software that covers all the requirements. Odoo has already one of the finest business application tools to boost business productivity and operational excellence. Odoo as the primary need for every Small, Medium or large organization. It’s been a year and again Odoo releasing its new version that is Odoo version 13. The most ridiculous ERP software platform Odoo is getting its version 13 soon in October 2019. It also helps you to improve the quality and performance of your business.

Last year, Odoo released version 12, Odoo has tried to introduce which had lots of new features some of the biggest tremendous in Version 12 came to the Accounting module. Other some new modules with great features like Document Management module, to share documents amongst your team, and an Internet of Things module.

In the Odoo 13, a few of the modules from Odoo 12 Enterprise is changed to Community Edition. This blog is possessed based on the “Odoo V13 Upcoming New Features” session presented during the Odoo Experience 2019. There are a lot of new impressive aspects to witness in Odoo V13.

Now get to know the new expected powerful features that Odoo 13 brings:

1) Odoo Bank

2) OCR

3) The accountant as a service

4) Integration with recruitment

5) Internet of things

6) Stock Management Enhancement

7) Improvement in Maintenance App

8) Track positions

9) Record Attendance

10) Industry Focus

The website form builder is shifted to Community, HR payroll is shifted from Community Edition to Enterprise, Sales Coupon and Promotion module are shifted to Community, Addition of HR Skills Module is included for managing employee skills, ListView Improvements, Manage online certifications with Odoo Survey. Test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score, send and print certificates, new search panel is introduced in the Kanban View, Leave is Renamed to Timeoff in Odoo13.

Delivery Method is renamed to Shipping Method, Point of Sale Login With Employee Odoo13,  HTML editor support now as Checklists, Odoo13 is running on jQuery 3.x,  Odoo V13 will have New ‘Forecasted Inventory’ report which shows the forecasted Inventory for all products, New App introduction of Field Service Management, MRP Subcontracting, Display a timer on your work orders.

Odoo version 13 will add a new signature widget for binary fields, Odoo eCommerce will support Product videos, Point of Sale Login With Employee Odoo13, Three new fields added i.e.Can be Expensed, Is a Landed Cost and Sell on eBay, Odoo V13 add attachments option in Portal, Odoo V13 Calculator Widget, Odoo V13 add attachments option in Portal.

Why Choose Planet Odoo?

Planet Odoo employs a team with a wide range of knowledge and experiences in Odoo and its verticals.  Planet Odoo team will meet with the client to hear the client’s vision and offer input to help the client’s company to accomplish its business goals. Then, once a strategy is finalized, Planet Odoo Team will get to work create a custom Timeline for the project to achieve your company’s vision and business needs in an appealing way.

As Official Odoo Partners, Planet Odoo embraces a collaborative approach to meet your needs. We provide cost-effective ERP solutions and Odoo apps for accelerating the workflow of companies/organizations across the world. Planet Odoo has knowledge and expertise for Odoo versions 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Community and Enterprise edition. We have an excellent experience of seven years working in Odoo ERP Implementation, Configuration, Customization, Integration, Data Migration, and Website Development. Our Odoo experts will build your desired outcome into the reality that will make a huge change in your business growth. 

To know more about us:

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  8. https://teckzilla.net/odoo-shipping-easy-integration/

If you are looking for Odoo implementation for your manufacturing business contact us here. Feel free to connect with us info@planet-odoo.com and schedule a meeting now.

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