Odoo V11 Magento Connector

Odoo Magento connector enhances the features of Magento into making eCommerce businesses run more effectively by simplifying and automating various processes. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP systems and when both Magento and Odoo ERP combined, you can process your orders automatically by linking your e-shop to the Odoo ERP.
Users can manage multiple eCommerce systems through a single interface, as well as multiple stores within a single eCommerce system. Real-time sync of the inventory system can be done easily.


Following are the features which our connector have:
1. Importing of orders into Odoo ERP from Magento.
2. Updating the order status.
3. Listing items with images.
4. Import / Export Product Stock, Price.
5. Import or Synchronize Simple and Configurable Products.
6. Import Product Attributes,  Attribute sets, Attribute Options and Attribute Groups
7. Import Product/Images from Magento.
8. Import Magento customer group
9. Import the Categories of Products, and Customer Details.
10. Import/Export Orders from Magento to Odoo.
11. Export Invoice to Magento.
12. Export Shipment information on with Tracking number from Odoo to Magento.

How connector work

1. From the menu of the marketplace, you will see channels in the left sidebar. Click on it you can see all the stores available in your Magento.

Odoo Magento 1

2. Now for importing any order or product click on any particular shop.

Odoo Magento 2

3. You will see these buttons at the bottom.

Odoo Magento 3

4. For creating an attribute in Odoo ERP there is an import attribute set button available it will import attributes from Magento.

Odoo Magento 4

5. N
ow for the product to do the action sequentially, you can see the product there is 4 buttons available. Using that button you can perform all the operations.

Odoo Magento 5

6. “Import stock” button will import all the stock information available in Magento to Odoo for products which were imported from Magento.

Odoo Magento 6

7. There is a button for importing customers it will import customer info from Magento to Odoo ERP.

Odoo Magento 7

8. There is some particular action for importing order .you to specify the date from where you want to fetch the record.

Odoo Magento 8

9. “Update order status” this button will update the sale order which was imported from Magento.

Odoo Magento 9

10. To see your order in Odoo ERP, select sales from the main bar, in sales, click on the quotation from the left bar.

Odoo Magento 10

11. To see the product list, in the Sales menu there is a catalog menu in the left bar from it you see the product, click on product variants.

Odoo Magento 11 1

12. To see the information from Magento in product form you can see the Magento tab.

Odoo Magento 12 1

 13. Importing product categories will import all the product categories and the import Image button will import an image for each of the products from Magento.

Odoo Magento 13 1

Why choose Odoo ERP for your e-shop?

~Easily data synchronization of customers, products, stocks, orders, etc.
~Workflow automation.
~Robust, designed to handle high volumes several thousand orders per day.
~Odoo support multi-shop, multi-stock, multi-currency, multi-languages.

We can develop more features for the Odoo-Magento connector as per the requirement. For more understanding on the connector get in touch with us through info@planet-odoo.com.

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