Odoo – Tally integration

 With increasing business needs, many enterprises do not find Tally to be enough to meet increasing ERP requirements. There is a strong need of advanced accounting features in an ERP so as to prevent dual data entries. Most of the organizations are comfortable using Tally for accounting and hence the need to integrate new ERP rises.

 The all new Odoo-14 feature provides us integration with Tally ERP which helps us to export suppliers/customers data, Journal vouchers, purchase and sales entries, accounting payables and receivables, stock journals and material issue entries. This feature enables us to transfer files quickly from Odoo to Tally and thus enhances ease at accounting.

Tally 1

 All the files exported to Tally are listed in the Tally log where transfer date and the type of operation are shown. This integration also enables us to remove the transfer files so as to cancel the operation at any moment.

Tally 2

Tally 3

For instance, if we need to create a customer in Odoo, we can directly export it in Tally from the same screen. All the details will be fetched in Tally same as in Odoo. This eventually saves a lot of time and also prevents creating the customer twice in different ERPs.

Tally 4

Tally 5

Let’s take an example of Sales module too. While creating a sales order it can be directly transferred to Tally just by ticking a checkbox. Tally integration helps a lot to prevent data duplication. Take a look at the below screens to check how exactly the item details as well as tax details are exported from Odoo to Tally.

Tally 6

Tally 7

Similar file transfers can be done in Sales, Purchase, Account payables & receivables modules. Programs with reference trails that can be exported directly to Tally are Stock issue, Stock Journals, Journal Voucher entries, Production entries, Debit note / Credit note, etc.

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