Odoo Subscription Module

Odoo Subscription Management and Recurring Billing Management, a user can simply handle subscription for his products. Easily manage the full customer life cycle, invoicing, Billing, reminder emails from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions. Odoo subscription model has become a prominent service choice for the business because of its cost-effectiveness and ease for the customers. Odoo Subscription Management module manages subscription-based services in the Odoo. Odoo Subscriptions supports the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish

In this blog, you are going to discuss “Odoo Subscription Module”  Odoo subscription module comes only with the Enterprise version. Odoo Subscription requires the use of Odoo Invoicing and Odoo Sales apps. In Odoo Subscription module you can focus on services and relationships although Odoo’s automated features manage your recurring sales and subscriptions. Odoo Subscriptions has the following typical customers: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business, etc.

Key Features of Odoo Subscriptions:

  • Subscription Services
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Annual Forecasting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Automated Creation of contacts from quotation
  • KPI Tracking
  • Contract Templates
  • Customer Portal

Now Let’s See How to use Subscription Module in Odoo:


All the subscription plan is shown here.

00 1

When you sell a subscription you have to know about the following points :
1.Subscription Product
2.Subscription Template
3.Quotation Template  
1.Subscription Product: 
Firstly, you have to install the Subscription module in your database.
Go to -> Subscriptions -> Subscriptions -> Subscription Products -> Create
Now you have to create a Subscription Product followed by a Subscription Template. You can go to the Sales tab and enter the name of the Subscription Template. At that time you can create the product from inventory, it will be automatically done if we tick ‘ Subscription Product tick the checkbox of Subscription Product. Next, assign this template to the subscription product. 
2 new
2. Subscription Template:
Goto -> Subscriptions -> Configuration  -> Subscription Template -> Create.
Now you have created a subscription product “Office Cleaning Subscription (Monthly)”. At that time product is already assigned with a ‘Subscription Template’. Now create a Subscription Template. In the Invoice period field, repeat Every Day/Week/Month/Year. In closable by customer field, you tick the checkbox the customer can close his payment from the websites.
4 4
3.Quotation Template:
Firstly, you can enable the feature of Quotation Template in Sales apps
Go to -> Sales -> Configuration  -> Settings 
5 3
Now Go to Sales > Configuration > Sales Order > Quotation Template > Create.
2 5
You can create quotations based on the requirements.  Fill in the following fields:
~Quotation template: will be displayed name of your template.
 ~Quotation expires after: displayed number of days that template is valid and then add items under Lines section as per your requirement. You can add the Subscription products which is already assigned to the subscription template.
~Here you have an option to suggest products to the customers by click on Add an Item.
~In the Optional Products, you have an option to suggest related items to the customers by triggering Add a line. 
 Once you finished creating quotation template, you can sell the subscription.
7 4
For Selling the subscription you can create a sales quotation.
Go to -> Sales -> Orders  -> Quotations
Now you can enter the name of the customer then add the Quotation template. You can select the Quotation Template then order lines and the product will be automatically displayed for that particular quotation template. Now you can save the quotation and confirm theSale order. At that time quotation is confirmed, a new subscription will be created for the customer.
8 3
You can select the Preview Button to see it from the website.
9 2
Goto -> Subscriptions -> Subscriptions -> Subscriptions -> Create
Now you can create a subscription from Sales App or you can create it directly from Subscription App.
10 3
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