Odoo supports third-party shipping app integration. Shipping of goods is a crucial part of any industry/business to strengthen the customer relationship and to ensure customer satisfaction. A company can use third-party shipping apps for order fulfillment. ShippingEasy is the online shipping app used by online sellers for their business varies from its size.  ShippingEasy integrates with leading marketplaces ERP including Odoo which provide real-time tracking data and order fulfillment. ShippingEasy integrates with Odoo ERP with the help of API integration. 

ShippingEasy integrates with Odoo hassle-free carries out your shipping within Odoo ERP.  Odoo ShippingEasy Connector has the ability to generate Sales Order, Delivery Order and tracking to save in Odoo each order with the respective tracking number.

Features of Odoo ShippingEasy Integration:

  • To Export Orders from Odoo to ShippingEasy
    • Import all Sales Orders that are present in the available state from ShippingEasy to Odoo.
    • Export all Sales Orders with all details including delivery method from Odoo to ShippingEasy.
  • To Import Tracking numbers of orders from ShippingEasy to Odoo.
    • This feature import Tracking number generated after processing the exported orders and store tracking number from ShippingEasy to its respective Sales Order and Delivery Order in Odoo.

Working of Odoo ShippingEasy Connector

After installation of Odoo ShippingEasy Connector. Login your Odoo database, you will see “ShippingEasy” click on it to view ShippingEasy instance.

On the Odoo-ShippingEasy instance:
Goto Setting>Shipping Easy> Create
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration
For example, I have created a Sales Order with its delivery in the “available” state.
You can view the Sale Order:
Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

And you view its Delivery Order in the “available” state:
Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

Now you can view that in ShippingEasy there is no Shipment present with similar order number “SO0017”
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

After 10-15 min all the orders which are in the available state will get exported and you can see that in ShippingEasy.
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

And Now Its Sale order in Odoo will have Exported Checkbox checked So that Next time it doesn’t get Exported
Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

Now to Check this Order Login in Shipping Easy And go to Shipments—> Ready to- Ship and open that order and Fill in all the details of Carrier Selection and process that order(For a hint in filling carrier details move the cursor on top of “View Request Service” next to Carrier Information which will be same as delivery method in sale order)
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

Now that order will be moved in “Ready for Payment” Finish and Pay it
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

This Order will be seen in “Shipment History” and its tracking no will get Generated
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

Now after sometime approx 10-15 minutes the order and its delivery in Odoo will have its tracking no.

Sale Order With Tracking number :
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

Delivery Order with Tracking number :
 Odoo-ShippingEasy Integration

In case you are looking for Odoo ShippingEasy connector for your business you can get in touch with us here.

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