Odoo.sh competing with Odoo online

Odoo comes out as one of the best ERP applications in the industry. With the same expertise, Odoo has also launched Odoo.sh and Odoo online. Both these platforms work towards providing great one-round solutions for small businesses. Both tools proffer all-around business support features as the Odoo provides. However, both of these show some differences from each other. The encryption and pre-sets along with customization features differ on both platforms. The understanding and implementation of both devices can drastically change your ways of working. The revolution of your business management with Odoo can upscale your profits drastically. Let’s have a look at both platforms to understand them better.

What is Odoo.sh?

To test the features and developments with end-users of your system, Odoo.sh comes out as the best alternative. Odoo.sh involves the incorporation of Github ID. The comprising phase includes SSH keys along with the merger and cloning of different projects. Its connection capacity with different servers is also very high. The connection requires registration of your SSH public key which is very easy to do. It has scalar characteristics. So it offers various customization options according to the user’s requirement.

What is Odoo online?

The basis of Odoo online comprises the Odoo SaaS platform. This platform is structured upon the cloud system. SaaS stands for Software As A Service. So here, the role of Odoo is to offer software services to its users. This service is in the form of a cloud-based system. SaaS enables users to use online software for a fixed time interval. The access requires a charge along with permission to access. However, with Odoo Saas the users don’t need to stress about the structure or infrastructure of the system. Odoo online doesn’t provide the use of custom add-ons. The platform only offers pre-set modules to use for the users. It offers an equal level of functions for the users as Odoo ERP.

Advantages of using Odoo.sh

Odoo.sh has some of its own features which are useful for the users. Let’s have a look at how Odoo.sh benefits the system of a user.

  • It provides better customization options.
  • The process of setting up Odoo.sh is very quick and easy. Users with not much prior knowledge of technology can also use it without any trouble.
  • It offers easy maintenance features for your devices.
  • It enables the user to choose their own domain name under their ERP projects.

Advantages of using Odoo Online

Let’s have a look at the benefits provided Odoo Online;

  • It offers pre-set modules that enable users to craft their system without working from the basics.
  • The hardware or structural aspects of the system don’t interfere much with it.
  • The users can work and set the Odoo online easily.


Odoo.sh and Odoo online both offer a diverse set of features to help the users in managing their small businesses. Odoo.sh is more flexible while Odoo online provides pre-sets. The customization option acquires the power of building the system with targeted requirements. However, both platforms make an integrated approach towards supporting small businesses.

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