Odoo Retail POS: Odoo POS Software for Retail Industry

Every retail shop needs Point of Sale system to manage their business. Retailer seeks to find the software which covers all their need of business and can serve everything under a single software.  Electronic POS software systems streamline retail operations by automating the transaction process and tracking important sales data. You need to decide which one is closer to your requirement and can really suit your business needs precisely. It should be easy to install, easily accessible on the go with less downtime.  The Point of Sale (POS) refers to the area of a store where customers can pay for their purchases.  Our Retail POS software provides wide-ranging product research abilities as well as real-time usage of Inventory data all through your retail chain, that can help generate sales and profits when fulfilling the client.

Here are the key benefits of the ERP for Retail Business:

  • Easy Shopping Configuration
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Handles multiple tenders such as Cash, Card, OnCredit, Gift Voucher, etc.
  • Retail Planning
  • Automate Sale & Payment Recording
  • Compatible to various barcode standards such as EAN8, EAN 13, GS1, Internally defined
  • Handles variable weight products based on barcode and scale
  • Can handle multiple decimal digits
  • Push promotions directly to the counter
  • Cash count
  • Integration with touch screen, barcode, receipt printer, barcode label printer, etc.
  • Device management
  • VAT management
  • Commission management
  • Campaign management
  • Fixed assets management
In Odoo Point of Sale (POS) is technically a system in a retail store from which you handle the sale of physical goods. Odoo Point of Sale can be used online or offline on Android tablets, iPads or laptops. In a store, a POS is used where the checkout happens, orders are processed and bills are paid. Odoo POS generates brief sales reports i.e. depend on product, hour, employee, total retail amount, net profit, profit percentage, etc. Odoo POS is the best POS system for retail stores in the business. Product ordering, receiving and inventory counts become quick, easy and straightforward. Odoo has everything to offer to the retail industry. It is the perfect fit retail business that truly enhances profitability and productivity. Also, it maximizes client responsiveness for the business.  Odoo retail POS merge all your sales channels in real time stores, eCommerce, sales teams. Get real-time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurements. Control sales and cash in real time and use powerful reporting provided by Odoo to make smarter decisions to improve your store’s efficiency. Integration of Odoo ERP POS with any retail company helps them to use without any difficulty as it based on a smart interface. In addition with this, it is extremely flexible, you can configure to Odoo POS to meet your precise needs.

Here are  the benefits of implementation of Odoo POS in your system:

– you can easily keep in touch with your customers. – set loyalty programs to customers with points, gifts, and discounts. – Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and customer barcode id’s. – Register your customers to keep track of their buying habits. -You can then send them special offers and sale notices with Odoo mailing. – Register tax identifications for your business customers and give them invoices instantly (or send by email). With Odoo ERP software for Retail POS management, robust, reliable and fast responsive application serves both offline and online modes. It is integrated with other Odoo application such as inventory, email marketing, sales, eCommerce for flawless performance.  For example, many retailers use POS systems to manage membership programs that award points to frequent buyers and issue discounts on future purchases. Odoo ERP retail POS allows you to set-up in minutes, sell in seconds and compatible with devices like Android & iOS. Odoo ERP POS work in both online and offline and therefore stays reliable even if your connection isn’t on. Planet-Odoo can serve you with a good retail ERP software implementation and customization that allows a 360 degree of Customisation and is easily scalable to attain itself to the size of the organisation and its level and scope of operations.

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